What’s in our diaper bag

16 August 2016

Walk the aisles of a baby store and you’ll likely find diaper bag options with a minimum of 15 pockets. (I’m not even sure that’s an exaggeration.) I’m the first to admit I didn’t know that much about babies before June arrived, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around supplying that many crevices for goldfish to get stuck in.

As with so many things, I was reassured by my sister-in-law Marget, who opted for a Herschel backpack as a diaper bag when my nephew was born. We’ve done the same. Here’s what we’ve packed in it from birth to six months!


— 1 package of wipes
Skip Hop changing pad
— 2-3 diapers
nursing cover
— a book
— 1 extra onesie
— small hand sanitizer
A&A muslin (this serves as a lovey and also a clean surface, if needed!)
a small toy
— 2 cloths
— 2 plastic grocery bags (for diapers, if we’re not near a trash can, or wet clothes)

I imagine if you’re using bottles for each feeding that might complicate things a bit, and I know we’ll have to add or switch out a few items as June gets older. But for right now, this set-up is perfect! And as I’ve mentioned before, the Herschel packs have the bonus of being gender neutral.

If you’re the mama type, I’d love to hear what you use for a diaper bag! Or can we call it an “on-the-go bag”? Sounds so much nicer than a diaper bag :)

P.S. Six week favorites and five month favorites. Seven month favorites coming soon!

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August 16, 2016 9:29 am

When you’re out and about, do you put your things in the backpack too? At home, I’m cramming everything into a tote and it feels unorganized and crazy!

August 17, 2016 3:32 pm

Yes, we use a Herschel too and love it. I had a girly diaper bag backpack from JJCole that we used in the early days, but I like how netural this one is. We have a grey one, but I’d like to get a darker one at some point since it would hide the dirt. I have found a backpack to be so helpful, especially when I was baby wearing a lot in the early days.