Maine Squeeze: We eat!

28 April 2011

With the portrait session over, it was time for the happy couple to head to the reception! Luckily, they had some nifty signs to follow, made by yours truly and her Dad.

The final sign they came to was this one, which pretty much sums up the reception, I think!

The grand entrance down the boardwalk:

The paparazzi was out in full force!

First order of business? Getting some food! Kate had planned this menu carefully, and she was VERY excited to sample her choices. Since we didn’t want to build a kitchen onsite and wanted to cut down on the amount of rentals needed, we went for a menu that was as hands-free as possible, and could be brought to the Island pretty much prepared, and stored either at room temperature or in coolers. This really helped to cut down on costs — if you’re planning a wedding at a remote location, I would highly recommend carefully thinking through your menu! For the items that did need a fork, we prepared bamboo and cocktail napkin bundles ahead of time, tied with the same yellow and white twine we used on the invitations:

I believe the napkins were picked up at Ikea, but I could be wrong.

Now for the menu! We had delicious skewers cooked on a grill…

…a variety of veggies and pasta salad…

…a make-your-own organic beef slider bar…

…pulled pork sliders…

…a cheese and cracker display…

…veggies and dip…

…and many other delicious eats. The catering company did a beautiful job of setting everything up in the tent!

I also wanted to point out the buffet menus. We taped the print-outs I had designed into a variety of frames Kate found at Goodwill. Spray painted yellow, they looked as good as new!

Up next? A few more details from the day!

All photos by the super talented and lovely Jenna Cole and Meredith of & Unlimited.

We arrive
We prepare
We raise the tent
We rehearse and play wiffle ball
We jump off the wharf
We eat lobster
We wake up very early, and the gents get dressed
The girls get ready
They make their vows
Lemonade and cookies

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