Camping this weekend!

30 September 2011

What are you up to this weekend, my friends? We are going camping for this first time in 2011! It will also be our first time staying at a KOA — have you all ever been to one? (We usually pitch out tent farther out in the woods.) I can’t say I’m disappointed that there will be easily accessible showers :)

Send us warm thoughts — the temperature overnight in the mountains could be in the 20’s! Brrr!! We are bringing sweatpants, s’more supplies, and lots of hot chocolate.

Bacon + avocado grilled cheese

29 September 2011

Guess what we had for dinner two nights ago? Yup, bacon grilled cheese. Also with mashed avocado, thin Granny Smith apple slices, and a little bit of onion. SO GOOD.

See the full “recipe” here!

Photo c/o Jana Laurene


28 September 2011

I have recently decided that it would be brilliant to embroider something for our wedding reception, mainly after seeing the above two images. Do I know yet what I want to embroider? No. Do I think anyone would actually notice at the wedding itself? Not really. But, I don’t really care. Plus, I think it would make a beautiful keepsake framed after the event.

So! I don’t know how to embroider. Do any of you know how? Have any tips for me, or can you point me in the direction or a great book or tutorial?

I’m thinking this will make a cozy winter project…

First image by Em the Gem, second via joettamaue