It’s almost 2009!

18 November 2008

…as scary as that seems! But since we’re almost through November, and then there’s just December left in 2008, I decided to jump on a recent post over at Style Me Pretty.

This set of 12 Gocco’d calendars by Sarah Parrott is to die for! Individual month calendars have become sort of a “thing” with small presses lately, but these ones stand out from the pack. Check them out in her Etsy shop here.

Besides having delightful designs, the presentation is superb: each month’s card comes tucked into its own cotton drawstring bag, and the whole package comes “numbered and packaged in glassine with a festive ribbon.” Festive ribbon! I can’t wait for these to show up in my mailbox.

If I were to keep these for myself, I’d either prop each month up one at a time on my desk, or else tack all 12 in a grid to an empty bulletin board.

However, I haven’t yet decided whether to keep them or give them away at Christmas. What do you think?

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