Venue Scout: Kirkwood Gardens

23 June 2009

While in New Hampshire, I also had the chance to visit the Kirkwood Gardens, a beautifully landscaped property in Holderness. Because I perpetually have weddings on the brain, much like Church Landing, when I clamped eyes on this space the words “ceremony” and “reception” immediately jumped to mind. Back in front of a laptop, I did a little research and found that they do, indeed, hold weddings in the gardens.

First, how about this or this or this for some garden party inspiration?

The upper lawn, shaded by majestic old trees and ringed by a blue stone patio, is the perfect location for dinner and dancing (it can accommodate a tent and up to 125 guests).

A set of wide granite steps leads to the lower, sunny, flower-filled lawn. I’m picturing a ceremony with the guests seated in chairs (or even quilts, for a casual celebration!) on the lawn below, with the bride, groom, and officiant at the top of the steps.

Guests could mingle throughout the lower lawn during cocktail hour (a strolling musician would be perfect here!). See that photo above? Those are peonies. So. Many. Peonies. Just waiting to burst into bloom for your celebration.

See more information about holding your event at the Kirkwood Gardens here!

Bonus! Ridiculously cute animals just a few steps away, at the adjacent Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

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nole @ oh so beautiful paper
June 23, 2009 8:28 pm

Absolutely gorgeous! I can just imagine a completely dreamy garden wedding here… and I think it'd be even more beautiful without a big tent on the lawn!