Our 2018 Christmas cards and newsletter!

21 December 2018

At the beginning of last December, I was experiencing the lows of pregnancy – the can’t-get-off-my-couch-feel-sick-all-the-time lows. From the couch, I fretted about sending out our Christmas cards on top of all the other, more mundane tasks I had been neglecting, and ultimately mailed them without personal notes and without our customary infographic/newsletter just to get them out the door (though I included it here for you to see!).

That was painful, friends!! Though I know handwritten notes aren’t for everyone, I feel deeply that jotting a quick line acknowledging the recipient as an individual goes a long way towards our Christmas cards feeling less about us, and more about connection and Jesus. I mean, yes, the card is still a big old photo of us, and the newsletter is about our family’s doings, but I think it helps (as does hand-addressing the envelopes instead of having them printed).

So it was with a big sigh of relief that I was able to send out our cards this week WITH notes and WITH a newsletter even with more December craziness. They’ve already led to several additional connections with family and friends since then, which is the best! Here they are, if you’d like to see…

Minted Christmas cards

Our card, as always, is from Minted. Choosing the design was super simple this year — this one from Sara Hicks Malone couldn’t have been more perfect for our photo choice! Can’t wait to show you more from our newborn session with Graham soon!!

modern Christmas newsletter

As our family grows, I’ve found myself including more and more text… though I love our graphic interpretation of a newsletter so much, I could see us switching to a more traditional letter style in future years! It’s a family tradition, after all :)

Christmas newsletter

I can’t believe I forgot to snap a photo of the back of our card – it has a few more photos, and a favorite verse from Luke! I’ll try to share a photo on Instagram so you can see it!

Friends, I am sending you all lots of love and wishes for a cozy Christmas filled with sacred moments, delicious food, comfy pajamas, and laughing until your cheeks hurt with the ones you love. I will see you back here next week for my year in review – one of my favorite posts of the year!

Minted graciously gifted us our cards this year — so glad I can share them with you!

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Kelly Strawberry
December 27, 2018 10:56 am

I think I say this every year, but you’ve really inspired me to do a family newsletter to include with the card. I didn’t even do Christmas cards this year, but 2019 will be my year ;)

I also didn’t buy any stamps this year, but I am LOVING that Snowy Day collection. So adorable.