August in Maine

22 August 2014

August has NOT been business as usual, my friends. I feel a bit like I haven’t touched my computer since I finally got our home tour posted (that’s not actually at all true, but it feels like it!). We were in Maine for ten days, and then I was at a work retreat for the past three days. And on Monday I leave for a quick two-day trip! And then a week from today we’re going to Asheville for the long weekend!! All completely wonderful things, but they sure don’t leave a lot of time for typing in between.


And there are so many things I would love to chat about! Maine with my family was just the best. The eight of us only get to be all together 1-2 times a year, sadly, so we make it count when we do. Board and card games galore, big family dinners every night with appetizer hour on the porch before, rainy days and open ocean, jumping off the wharf, walks every day, tennis, berry picking, boat rides, playing with our little niece, sailing, visits with friends… except for when I do things like get married, going to that tiny island is the best part of my year, every year. It’s the best place on earth.


I thought I’d ease back in with a little decor update, because even though I just posted a home tour, things are always evolving in the Thomas household! We’ve been looking for a long, low banquette for our guest room (the Magnolia Room, as one of you deemed it) for quite awhile now. When a photographer I follow posted a photo of a piece she was selling, my email to her was out the door in about two minutes flat. Didn’t it look adorable in their son’s room?? She was asking $200, which I thought was great for a solid wood piece.

It’s a big and heavy sucker (too big for our SUV), so we rented a Home Depot truck to bring it home. Between traveling between HDs to find an available truck on a Saturday morning (you can’t reserve them!), the 3-hour round trip, and carrying it up our front porch stairs (I am not what you would call physically strong), the homecoming was a bit of an ordeal.

After the struggle getting it in the door, we knew there was no way the two of us were getting it up another flight of stairs to our guest room. So into our bedroom it went, and we actually adore it there! John’s dresser moved into our closet, and I got to move a bunch of my stuff out of the closet into the drawers. It really anchors the room! I wish I had a photo to share in its new home, but alas, travels.

I will be back with more soon! :)

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August 22, 2014 1:10 pm

Oh my gosh, I am LOVING that piece. Furniture logistics are always fun, aren’t they? ;) Hope you get some down time soon!