101 in 1001: August 2011

1 August 2011

At the beginning of every month, I plan to write a short post covering what I accomplished in the previous month and what I hope to accomplish in the next one. I’ll also introduce you to one of my 101 in 1001 buddies (see them all in the sidebar!). Here we go!

July 1, 2011: 11/101 goals complete, 24/101 goals in progress

Did I begin…
No. 45: Read the New Testament? YES! We’re on Mark right now.
No. 82: Successfully dock a boat each summer at the Island? YES!
No. 84: Send news to The Quarterly at least once a year? YES! Engagement made that easy!
No. 89: Jump off the dock at the Island once a year? Um, no… totally chickened out.

Did I continue…
No. 98: Read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series? Yep, read “Prince Caspian.”

Sadly, I was NOT able to keep up with all of my monthly commitments (nos. 5, 7, 16, and 48) — we were again not able to make it to the animal shelter.

August 1, 2011: 12/101 goals complete, 28/101 goals in progress

Plan to begin:
No. 13: Read To Kill a Mockingbird every August (0/3)

Plan to continue:
No. 11: Cultivate five habits to make my life more green
No. 44: Try ten new foods
No. 45: Read the New Testament
No. 50: Go to church when traveling

August Spotlight: Jennifer of Just Lovely

You can catch up with Jennifer’s progress on her goals here! I think she did a great job assembling her list, but my five favorites she’s undertaking are:

Volunteer art and design services to a charitable cause
— Visit five artist’s studios (this would be so interesting!)
Plan a baby shower
Eat at 10 different independent restaurants

— Try all of the different kinds of fruit in my grocery store

In the meantime, you can see the details on all of my goals right here. Here’s to a great month!

Both photos by Lucia and Mapp

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