Bunting invite + bunting cake

13 April 2010

I’m pretty sure you’re all thinking right about now that I should rename this blog Bunting & Bunting, and I have to say I don’t really blame you. BUT I do have two more uber-cute ideas to share with you, and they just happen to involve my favorite strings of triangulated fabric.

First, a bunting invitation. Bunting may play a role in the invites I’m busy mocking up for K + C’s ceremony and reception, so these, from Cakies, have found a soft spot in my heart. Let’s just say they involve Happy Tape and that you should head over to her blog post to have a look at the finished product. Brilliant!

Next, as promised, the bunting cake, from this adorable wedding (image by Colleen Sherman). We’ve pretty much decided that we’re going to be sprucing up simply-decorated cakes bought from a bakery, and though we’ve tossed out several decor ideas, right now I’m loving these mini strings of bunting. Dressing the cake couldn’t be easier, and when it’s time to eat, the (fabric? paper?) flags come right off. And affordable, to boot!

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June 21, 2011 2:46 pm

sorry for the unhappy comment on such a lovely post… but I tried to order a bunch of tape from Happy Tape and I even paid them, but am yet to receive my goods. this is over 6 months ago, PLUS … they are ignoring all my attempts to communicate with them. I've emailed about 6 times now. So upset, because all I want is some happy tape :O(