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26 November 2021

This is the post where I share a few things I’d love to receive this Christmas, as well as some things I already own that might be perfect to add to your wish list. I hope it’s helpful! (And that you all had wonderful Thanksgivings – here’s our crew on a post-meal walk!)

Hunter Play Rain Boots | I received the classic tall Hunter boots several years ago, but they’re still pretty much pristine since I find them uncomfortable to wear and hard to take on and off. I think I’d be much more likely to reach for this shorter style!
Leopard ballet flats | I love my current pair but have worn them into the ground. I haven’t yet found a replacement pair I love, but I’m on the hunt.
A new set of mixing bowls | The glass set of 7 bowls we took with us when we moved to North Carolina is down to three (including one that shattered in the sink last week, yikes). This pretty set would be even better for all the little bakers joining me in the kitchen these days.
New Morning Mercies | So many Christians I admire use this devotional, and 9k reviews are probably not wrong. Spoiler alert: this may play a role in my 2022 goals.
Kule tee | My favorite striped tee from several years back got a smear of floral glue across the front at the last Southern Weddings shoot (five years ago, yeesh!) and I’ve never replaced it. I also love the rainbow version!
Ruffle pie dish | We make a lot of pie around here, and I think this would be a sweet addition to our table! This lookalike is a great option at half the price, too.
A new family necklace | If you’ve seen a photo of me from the last five years, I was probably wearing a necklace with a gold “J” disc and a pearl bead. The J stood for John, June, and John Shepherd, but now that we’ve added an S to the crew, my necklace needs an upgrade! This time around, I’m picturing something a little bit different, and would love to custom-design a piece with one inset pearl for each baby and a diamond for John. (Think kind of like this classic Tiffany necklace, though on a shorter chain, with the pieces closer together, and not $31k LOLOLOL.) I’m hoping to go to Diamonds Direct here in Raleigh (where we got my engagement ring!) to talk about options. I’d happily consider this my Christmas/birthday/tenth anniversary present and know it would be a treasure I’d wear for the rest of my life.

And here are a few things I own and love that I think are worthy of adding to your wish list:

Julie Vos Penelope Demi Studs | I wear these 95% of days. Classic pearl studs with the loveliest gold-rim upgrade.
Ugg Classic Mini II Bootie | I was dubious about adding these to my wish list last year, but I am fully converted. Priceless for staying warm in the winter, especially with walking June to school and hanging with friends and neighbors outdoors.
Madewell jeans | Fact: they put magic in these jeans. This style is the GOAT (and an AMAZING price for Black Friday!) and these are my newest addition!
Summersalt swim suit | I have the Sidestroke and the Oasis and I LOVE them both. I would order up at least one size, as I think they run small. Very fun one-pieces and they’re always getting compliments from other mamas at the pool!
Striped snap tote | I bought six of these for teacher gifts one year when they were marked down to $15, and am SO glad I snagged one for myself, too! They fold up flat and snap open to fit a ton, and I use mine at least weekly!
Lake Pajamas | It’s been approximately three years since I’ve worn any other pajamas besides these ones. I wear the long-longs year-round and they feel so cool and silky.
Round serving tray | I have the blue design, but all three are absolutely gorgeous. They’re a good size and perfect for corralling things on a dresser or coffee table!
Bow sun hat | This hat is going on year six or seven and it still looks good as new! Packable, adorable, keeps my face protected.
Shearling slippers | At hours-of-wear, this item of clothing would probably clock in at the top of my wardrobe – they’re my go-to from when I walk in the door to hopping into bed.
Ellie Nap Dress | Perfect for pregnancy and post-partum and darling the rest of the time, too. I wore it all summer (and into the fall with a jean jacket!) and foresee much more wear in my future.
Tree Skippers | These shoes are incredibly comfortable and cute to wear with everything – dresses, shorts, jeans. Just make sure to wear no-show socks with them, as they are a bit prone to holes.
Boat & Tote bags | Incredibly sturdy and incredibly classic. I like mine open top, in navy, with sans serif embroidery.

Wishing you all excellent deals today! :)

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Kelly Strawberry
November 26, 2021 8:19 am

Love, love, love this list!!! All of your gift guides are always winners. Making note of the devotional, the swimsuits, this amazon tote bag, and everything on the farmhouse pottery site. :)

November 29, 2021 6:55 am

Can I ask which size pearl studs you have? It’s tough to see the difference online!

November 29, 2021 7:26 am

So many favorites & also so many amazing new finds; thank you!! I love New Morning Mercies – I started it a year ago and have really, really enjoyed adding it to my morning Bible/devotional/prayer/gratitude journal routine.

December 1, 2021 11:30 pm

On the family necklace topic–if you are looking for something a lot more affordable than the Tiffany’s one (lol!), Maya Brenner does something similar with her letter necklaces. You can get teeny tiny birthstones instead of the letters; I have one for each of my girls. They are beautiful and so delicate!