2021 Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

13 December 2021

June recently told me that stockings are her favorite part of Christmas morning. I’m not sure if it’s because stockings are the only thing Santa brings in our house (and thus they’re automatically more magical) or because reaching in and pulling out dozens of little gifts is just a thrilling experience, but I’m here to live up to it. After all, stockings are one of my favorite things to shop for, and I enjoy collecting things throughout the year — for June, Shep, Annie, John, and… myself. Yep! John doesn’t really “get” how I like to do stockings – his family’s growing up were pretty minimal – and so it doesn’t bother me to keep this tradition going with most of my own effort.

If you’re looking for some final ideas for your loved ones, here are a few I’ve rounded up!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids:

— My favorite bath bombs
— The sweetest hand-drawn stickers (love the castle and the snitch!)
— Hogwarts pencils
— A head lamp
— Glow-in-the-dark slap bracelets
— Any sort of shower gel
— Papermate Flair pens – my favorite for PowerSheets and writing notes – perfect tip and colors!
— These little flying copters with slingshots. We’ll play with these for over an hour with the kids at the big field near our house. Fun for everyone!
— Coziest booties that actually stay on
— Name crayons
— A mermaid wand
— Diamond painting bookmarks
— Lovely stacking cups
— Cutest sunbeam baby toy
— Brain Quest card decks
— Flower sunglasses
— Mini alligator puzzle
— Glow-in-the-dark tattoos
Foam soap for the bath
— Corduroy bow
— Floral stamp set
Color packs to toss into the fire pit and turn it blue, yellow, green, and purple
— A rainbow-making window decal
— Mini animal drawing sets
— A fun thermos
— Animal-shaped travel toiletry bottles

And my favorite… a custom book of “coupons” for things they’d love. We’ll be doing this for June and Shep! Lots of ideas in the comments here.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Grown-Ups:

— The best conversation cards
— The best sunscreen
— Prettiest quilted floral mini makeup bags
— Citrus simmering kit
— Stasher reusable bags
— A classic chocolate orange
— A new card game for road trips
Magnets in every color of the rainbow
— A favorite card game
— Fancy gold scissors or fancy gold spoons
— Needlepoint zip code keychain
— Everything But the Bagel seasoning
Maldon Sea Salt flakes. People swear by these for finishing desserts and other dishes!
— A USB rechargeable lighter (in rose gold! and other colors)
— Citrus-infused salt rim kit
— Darling illustrated gift tags
— A colorful postcard book
— The prettiest pearl bow barrette
— Silk pillowcases
— A charcuterie board styling deck
— An odor-absorbing bar
— Papermate Flair pens – my favorite for PowerSheets and writing notes – perfect tip and colors!
— Bombas underwear or socks
— Reese’s Christmas trees, obviously

Many more stocking ideas from last year here! Wishing you luck and lots of joy as you round the bend on gifting prep! :)

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