Wedding planning update: 2 months to go

20 July 2012

Austin Warnock

Since my last update…
— John had his individual meeting with our pastor. I have mine on Monday!
— We attended our tasting (yum!) and are in the process of making a few adjustments to our menu
— We had a venue walk-through with our florist and made what I think will be the final adjustments to our order
— We met with our chapel coordinator. She is a little bit scary.
— John’s tux has been tailored and looks awesome!
— Kate and I attempted a trial cake… more about that soon :)
— We collected the final silver pieces, and they all look great!
— We bought part of John’s gift for his groomsmen
— We purchased our wedding bands – going to pick them up this weekend!
— We bought ottomans, coffee tables, and candles at Ikea

Next up on the list?
— I’m sad that our invitations haven’t been sent yet, but they’re arriving this week, so I should have them out the door soon! Envelopes have already arrived.
— My final dress fitting is coming up soon
— We need to finalize the text for our ring bearer bowl
— I want to nail down all of our ceremony music so I can send it to our pianist, string trio, and soloist. I would also like to finalize readings.
— I need to collect the rest of our family wedding photos, to be displayed at the reception
— I’m going to make a few signs to help direct guests from the ceremony to the reception
— I’m going to make a set of drink stirrers for my own wedding! :)

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July 25, 2012 8:22 am

“We met with our chapel coordinator. She is a little bit scary.” … that made me laugh!!! I am definitely going to be looking for her the day of. Oh those crazy church ladies… let’s hope she doesn’t pinch you ;)

July 26, 2012 12:34 pm

@NANCY RAY :: You took my comment EXACTLY! I laughed out loud when I read that, Emily! That is too funny!!!!