Beyond the sea: Final preparations

4 February 2013

Welcome to wedding week on Em for Marvelous! You’ve already seen our highlights film (and some of you may have seen our wedding photos!), but I am so excited to share more images and thoughts about our very special celebration, as well as a few nitty-gritty details. I very much hope you all enjoy!

My last post before our September 15 wedding was on September 10 — the Monday before. We had pretty much unpacked at that point, but still had many things to check off the list. My sweet, sweet dad — he sat me down the day after I arrived home, piece of paper in hand, and carefully went over his personal to do list with me, at least twenty items long. As you’ll see in some of our photos, he had a bandaid on his thumb by the end of the week from all of his labors! My Mom came out less scarred (at least physically – ha!), but was a complete trooper, as well. I am so grateful for all of the help we received over that week!

I am also grateful that the week stayed remarkably stress-free, and even fun! John’s extended family rented a nearby cottage, and it was almost like a mini vacation to visit there and socialize, play corn hole and card games, and venture to the beach.

Em for Marvelous

On the recommendation of our pastor/officiant, we also went out to dinner, just the two of us, on Tuesday evening. It was a wonderful time to pause, and something I would highly recommend penciling in to you engaged peeps!

On Wednesday, John and I got our marriage license (whoo!), and while waiting for it to be certified or printed or something like that, we walked a few streets over for a snack at the little cafe where we had dinner on our FIRST date more than seven years before. We are cute.


Em for Marvelous

Afterward, we picked apples for our welcome bags at the orchard down the hill from John’s house. It was such a glorious day, and I remember feeling so very happy!

Em for Marvelous

On Thursday, a major undertaking was assembling the poppers for our favors, and I was lucky to have John, his mom, his sister, and her boyfriend to assist! We also visited our reception site, where the tent was being assembled — oh happy day!

Em for Marvelous

Honestly, I can’t remember too many specifics of the things for which I don’t have corresponding photos, and from the time I woke up on Thursday to the time our rehearsal dinner started on Friday, the world whizzed past in a non-stop blur. Not a crazed blur, but just a this-train-has-left-the-station-and-there’s-no-stopping-it-now blur. We arrived at our rehearsal in one piece, however, as did all of the required family members and friends :) It was SO good to see everyone. (As if that needs to be said.) Our amazing pastor, Carl, put everyone at ease and had us laughing (and my mom crying — yes, true story) throughout. Even church lady wasn’t too scary.

Then, dressed in our most nautical duds, it was time to head to Noank for our rehearsal dinner!

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February 4, 2013 10:13 pm

Em I love how you tried to capture and remember all the little details leading up to your Big Day. I think that is something SO special and it definitely makes me want to remember to document (in pictures and on my blog) the events of Wedding Week! Although I hope mine is not a crazed blur either, I’ve no doubt it will definitely be here before I know and fly by so incredibly quickly! (ps. & I love the idea of enjoying a quiet bite to eat with just the hubby-to-be! Definitely going to remember that one:)

February 5, 2013 9:33 am

I don’t think I’ve ever read a recap from a bride about the week of the wedding, and I love it! It’s so sweet to see how you and John prepared for your wedding day once most of the big things were done and you could just get ready to be married!

February 5, 2013 8:01 pm

So cute to have visits to the same local cafe as bookends to your relationship to that point!