Toddler favorites at two and a half years

27 August 2018

My most recent post sharing our family’s toddler favorites was last year, so I think it’s high time for an updated list! It has been amazing to watch June’s creativity and imagination explode over the last few months, and accordingly, this installment includes many more toys than any previous one. No terrible twos over here – I think this is such a sweet and fun age!!

toddler favorites two and a half years

— Our three-pack of Contigo water bottles was $12 at Costco, so definitely look there for a great price if you have a membership. (If you don’t, they’re on Amazon, too!)
— June is a big fan of her “big kid seat” (we have it in taupe) and finds many creative ways to sit in it :) Small enough to fold up and take on the road if needed!
— We put these training chopsticks in June’s stocking last Christmas thinking they would be a novelty item, but she loves to use them!
— John’s parents got June a subscription to Highlights High Five a few months ago, and it has been a HUGE hit. It is her requested bedtime reading almost every night, so much that she’s memorized most of the stories and poems in each issue!
— When I included this mini scooter in last year’s gift guide, I predicted that it would take her a few months to grow into it, but that she’d be scooting around like a pro this summer – and that has proved exactly true!
— As you will see in the forthcoming June in June Volume 3, watering plants is one of our girl’s favorite hobbies. This little elephant can makes the job even more fun!
— We’ve bought a pair of these water-friendly gold sandals each of the last two summers, and they are both mama and June’s shoe of choice. Tip: they run a little small, so size up.
— As June’s hair has gotten longer and surpassed my finger-combing ability, this wet brush has been a great help.
— I mentioned it briefly in a past post, but Netflix’s Puffin Rock is far and away June’s favorite show right now. It is incredibly sweet and gentle, and apparently funny, too, as she giggles her way through most episodes :)
— I got lots of questions when I showed our glider board on Instagram, so here’s the scoop. We opted to not get a double stroller because June much prefers to walk/sprint or ride her trike or scooter at this point. But, we thought this would be a good option for longer adventures, like a day at the zoo or museum, where her legs might want a break. So far, it’s been a hit!
— The toys in heavy rotation right now: her doll — or should I say bunny — house (we also have this and this furniture set); stuffed animals (this is the one Shep got her as a present at the hospital!); her horses and stable; floor puzzles; and play food (we do have this set, but most of the rest isn’t as fancy!). She could probably occupy herself for days with just those five things.
— Books, of course, are as popular as ever. This is a particularly neat and interactive one!

P.S. If you’re looking for most of my past kiddo picks in one easy place, I’ve organized them more neatly here!

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August 27, 2018 2:47 pm

Always love seeing what June is loving so we can plan ahead :) That fruit set is on Charlie’s birthday list, and I’m going to look for those water bottles at Costco!

Kelly Strawberry
August 30, 2018 11:48 am

Will definitely mention the Highlights magazine as a gift idea for family members this Christmas. Thanks for sharing!