about emily (also known as em)

Welcome to Em for Marvelous! My name is Emily, and I’m so happy you’re here!

On Em for Marvelous, I write about the people, places, and things I love — anything marvelous, really. As such, my content varies widely, but through sharing my story, I hope to show you that it’s okay to live your own path kindly, purposefully, and confidently, without fanfare or fluster. I am capable, and so are you! Many readers have written that they consider me something of a big sister, one step ahead in life, and I take that to heart.

I have been blogging since 2008 (!) and am so grateful to have truly marvelous readers who love to join in the conversation – don’t miss the comments section! This is how two readers have described EFM:

“EFM is a breath of fresh air in a space where many blogs focus on more materialistic things to bring happiness. When reading your blog, I come away with practical and meaningful things I can do, rather than buy, to improve myself and my life.”

“Your blog feels like it’s about authentic living for real people: people who have jobs and families and budgets but want to slow down, find joy, and still be an adult.”

If you find those descriptions appealing, and especially if you like reading about financial freedom, organization and simplicity, goals, love and marriage, slow parenting, and everyday adventures, Em for Marvelous is the place for you! Around here, we believe that the practical can lead to the transcendental, and I’m delighted to help you with both, in whatever small way I can.

Psst — if you’re particularly interested in the intersection of kids and technology, I’d love to have you join us over at The Connected Family. As parents, few things matter more than raising kids who thrive; we believe navigating technology well is a key part of that. So, together, we’ll focus on laying the foundation of a connected childhood so that when the time comes, you can navigate technology as a family with agility and grace. (We’ll help you do that, too!)

Thank you so much for reading – I can’t wait to get to know you!

I am a member of several affiliate programs, including Amazon Associates and LTK. Through these, I sometimes earn a commission on the sales of products I link to. I feature only items I genuinely love and want to share, and this is an arrangement between the retailer and me (readers never pay more for products). This income helps me to cover the cost of publishing Em for Marvelous. Thank you for reading!