This year’s Easter baskets

1 April 2020

This weekend, I spent some time putting together our kiddos’ Easter baskets. Gathering the treasures I’ve collected over the last few months, ordering a last few pieces, arranging everything neatly, fluffing a big bow on the side… it was just the sort of feel-good, expectant project I needed right now.

Though Easter baskets weren’t a thing in my family growing up, I have really embraced them over the last few years. I want my kids to look forward to Easter as much as they do Christmas or any other holiday, and though of course I want them to love Easter for what it means for our lives and our faith, resurrection is a big idea for little ones to grasp. I am not above playing up the celebratory and exciting aspects of the holiday; to me, they make perfect sense when framed in an explanation of why we’re celebrating. That Jesus would come to bring hope to the whole world – everyone, everywhere – that he would choose to die so that we – everyone, everywhere – would have a guarantee that the worst thing is never the last thing… that is worthy of celebrating.

In his book Parenting, Paul David Tripp writes, “Your job [as a parent] is to do everything in your power, as an instrument in the hands of the Redeemer who has employed you, to woo, encourage, call, and train your children to willingly and joyfully live as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.” I like to think he’d include Easter baskets as something in my power :)

And this, from my favorite Sally Clarkson:

On a totally different note, Easter baskets feel especially important to me this year since they are one of my favorite opportunities to support the small businesses I love. I don’t know about you, but when I find myself in an adorable shop while traveling or in my own city, I always want to make a purchase – but also don’t want to spend money just to spend it. Picking up little things for stockings and holidays is a great way to find unique and memorable items, support the boutiques I love, and spread out the impact on our budget over many months.

Of course, all of that is more challenging this year – but there are still tons of wonderful online shops you can support (or brick and mortar shops with online presences), and I’ve highlighted a few of them below. Especially since Amazon has delays on many non-essential items right now, this might be the perfect opportunity to venture farther afield! :) Speaking from the perspective of someone intimately involved in a small but mighty business, I know whatever purchases you make will be so appreciated.

Alright – on to the fun stuff! Here’s a peek at June and Shep’s baskets this year: not quite done, but on their way!

Before I get into the 2020 specifics, here are a few things I consider including each year:

A faith-based book to add to our library. I’ve rounded up some of our favorites here. (I try to buy these from a local source when possible, like Quail Ridge Books or McIntyre’s Books!) Of course, Write the Word Kids is also a perfect pick for your older kids! :)

A new set of pajamas. These usually come from Hanna Andersson or my favorite consignment sale. A few others I’ve spotted and love: this colorful alphabet set, strawberry and mini dots, pretty pastel fruit, light pink dinos (love these colors!), jungle animals, and boats in the harbor.

A new bathing suit or beach gear. Again, Hanna is our favorite for rash guards! (Also, this sun hat is cute!)

A fun accessory or clothing item, like this sequin bow or these mini Liberty-print bows, this soft and stretchy floral bow headband, the cutest sailboat dress for baby girl, or a sweet green dot hat for baby.

New summer shoes. In our house, that’s usually a pair of Saltwaters and a pair of Natives. Dying over these floral print Natives this year!!

Something fun to play with, like new chalk, dollhouse furniture (this bed is on my list for the future!), bubbles, a card game, an activity book, or this for our weather lover. Many more ideas here!

A special snack, like bunny grahams, those frosted animal cookies, or fruit snacks.

And I always tuck in some a few of their favorite stuffed animals, because June thinks it’s hilarious :) We love Jellycats and Cuddle + Kind dolls!

Now, here’s what’s going in our little ones’ baskets this year!

June’s basket will have a copy of Only You Can Be You, the next size up in lemon jams, a strawberry rash guard, gardening gloves (from our local garden store – similar), a pencil sharpener, rainbow band-aids (she’s obsessed), a mini play mat from Camp Castle (free shipping with code HOP2IT right now!), a new watercolor palette, bath bombs (I got this pack of 12 last year and put 4 in her stocking, then saved the rest – also obsessed), and a twirly dress from Alice + Ames.

Shep’s basket will have a copy of When God Made the World, a new pair of Saltwaters, sunglasses, a sun hat, a chunky puzzle (from our local garden store!), sidewalk chalk, a Water Wow pad (also from a local store), and June’s hand-me-down lemon jams :) I might die of cuteness from the matching – agh!

Of course it goes without saying, but under the current circumstances, I want to say it: an Easter basket is not a requirement to have a meaningful or celebratory Easter. Kids are delighted with the smallest gestures, and you could easily put together a fun basket for $10. But, if you’re able to, this is a lovely opportunity to support the businesses you love.

Baskets or no, I’d love to hear how you’re planning to make Easter special this year, friends, if you’re celebrating! I’m still working on our plans… it will certainly look different than most years, but I’m up for the challenge :)

P.S. More budget tips for Easter baskets as well as more stuffer ideas in this post!

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April 1, 2020 4:23 pm

Friend, we must have been on the same page this weekend as I also found myself delighting in the assembly of Easter baskets and fluffing bows. I was looking for one more goodie (an intentional one of course) for each boy and your idea of pajamas is genius! We needed new ones for these growing dudes anyway so thank you. Your kiddos baskets are so special and lovely. I am sure you’ll have two delighted kiddos on Easter morning!

Also, inquiring mind here: does John get a basket? Andy totally does haha

Kelly Strawberry
April 2, 2020 8:45 am

So cute! And you know I am partial to all things strawberry!!! Love that rash guard. :)

April 2, 2020 9:50 pm

Wow, they will be so delighted by these baskets! This year’s basket will include things to entertain during all these days at home. After reading your post I think I will surround the basket with all the rabbit animals we have, too :)
I should also steal your idea for canned cinnamon rolls!

April 7, 2020 8:45 am

Absolutely beautiful – always so important to remember the why but celebrating these holidays with fun, family traditions and spoils is also of great importance in our family. Our girls are getting pajamas, Easter mug and crafts, Easter headband, egg bath bombs and their chocolate eggs this year x