Christmas Gift Guide: Your Favorite Kids

27 November 2017

Want to know something I love about buying kid gifts? You can give them something that’s $5 and look like you hung the moon :) (Case in point: this ribbon twirler we gave my niece last Christmas.) And of course, I also love giving heirloom-quality gifts that they might one day pass down to their own kids! Today’s gift guide has picks from each column, including some things that are on June’s wish list this year. My friend Sam helped me with some of the boy picks, since she has firsthand experience!

Buckle up – it was hard to narrow down my picks, so today we have not one but TWO boards of ideas!

gift guide for kids

Pajamas | Bonus points if you can match amongst multiple kiddos or cousins! I also love these ones and these ones.
Squirrel popper | Just make sure they don’t shoot their eye out :) A certain nephew of mine will be getting one of these this Christmas!
Pennants | Choose from “capable & courageous” or “strong & smart” – either way, you can’t go wrong!
Wooden cutting fruit set | I clearly remember being gifted something similar from my grandma one Christmas and loving it. On June’s wish list this year!
Cozy sweatshirt | Sam and I both love everything from Winter Water Factory, and this print is a favorite we share!
Mini scooter | If our neighborhood is any indication, scooters are very big right now. This mini one is on June’s wish list, and though I think it will take her a few months to grow into it, I expect she’ll be scooting around like a pro this summer!
Quilt | The sweetest print from a cool Indian company.
Floor puzzle | The colors and illustrations take this classic puzzle up a notch.
Bruder toys | From Sam: “The model-sized toys are great for little guys! We have a cement mixer, fire truck, and crane, and I feel that they will still be fun for Perry to play with even as he gets older.”
Tegu blocks | Wooden blocks upgraded with magnets, in beautiful colors! Blocks are on J’s wish list this year, but I think we might go with this set.
Star Wars visual dictionary | Have a Luke fan in your house? I feel like this would go over super well. Plus, it seems like little kids are surprisingly VERY into very detailed books, like this one or this one.
Play tent | The dreamiest pattern combinations from the one and only Minted! On June’s list.
The softest dress | Marget got June the sweetest dress from this shop last Christmas, and we stretched that puppy as long as possible, transitioning it from a dress to a shirt! :) It doesn’t look like her star pattern is in stock anymore, but any of their prints would make a great gift!

gift guide for kids

Winter Water Factory dress | The best prints in organic cotton.
Memory game | Customized with family photos! I’ve done these for June, Tegan, and Wes so far and they are always a hit!
Home of the brave pennant | A rallying cry for everyone in the family.
United States blocks | An absolutely gorgeous set of wooden blocks that helps kids learn state shapes, capitals, mottos, birds, flowers, and trees!
Dollhouse | Bless Pottery Barn for making simple, chic, neutral toys that kids AND mamas can love.
Bow tie | From Sam: “Perry loves his bow tie, especially because he is able to match his dad!”
Tree swing | If you have the right tree in your yard, this looks SO fun. I am always in favor of something that gets kids outside! This one is MUCH more expensive, but if you don’t have the tree, could be an option!
Plasma car | Another neighborhood favorite! These things can really zoom.
Boxer briefs | The softest underwear with the cutest prints.
Baby doll | I have looked for weeks to find a sweet first doll for June, and I think this is the one!
Giant coloring poster | And I mean GIANT. So many fun designs!
Puzzle to go | From Sam: “We love these travel puzzles! They are easy to transport and we love bringing them along when we are traveling or when we are waiting for our meal at a restaurant.”
Kwix Stix | Quick drying tempura paint markers, going in June’s stocking! Thanks, Jo!
Three great books: City Atlas, Trucks Go, and A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars (written by my BROTHER-IN-LAW!!!).
Little aprons | The best patterns, and they can be personalized! Would be a perfect gift for nieces and nephews!

Whew!! I hope that was more helpful than overwhelming! :) How are y’all doing with Christmas shopping? I’m about halfway done, I think, and hoping to check a few more names off today!

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November 27, 2017 9:37 am

I also know a little nephew who would love the squirrel popper – too cute!

November 27, 2017 2:22 pm

That tree swing looks like a great gift. Our neighbors have one and I’ve been eyeing it since they put it up!! I’ll be checking out the excavator too. :) I also would like to add that my son has been playing with Lego Duplos literally every day since he got his first set last year for Christmas!

Mary Grace
November 28, 2017 7:42 am

Good morning! I was curious if the Winter Water Facrory dresses are true to size or if I should get a size larger. I have never bought from them before. Thank you! I love this list I added a few items to my amazon cart for my daughter thanks for sharing.

November 29, 2017 11:07 pm

So happy to see the memory game made the list. I did one for my nephew this year and can’t wait to give it to him. Great to hear they are a hit!

Wendy Lassiter
December 4, 2017 2:21 pm

I am excited about giving our 20 month old grandson “A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars” and the “Trucks Go” books for Christmas. I ordered them immediately after seeing them on your list. I always trust word of mouth advertisements the best! Thanks for the suggestions. Books are his favorite. I am a friend of Nancy Ray and found your blog through her blog. Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your family!

December 4, 2017 2:51 pm

We chose to donate a book to the school library in honor of our son’s sixth birthday. I chose A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars and the librarian was thrilled. That book was on her wish list (and their lower school library has 20,000 books!) Thanks for sharing about it.

Your guides are truly great!

December 6, 2017 12:53 am

Love this! <3