The perfect cardigan

23 November 2011

I wear a lot of cardigans. They’re perfect for North Carolina, because it’s too warm in the winter to wear a heavy sweater, but too cold to wear just a short-sleeve shirt. I also love cardigans because they help me get extra mileage out of my wardrobe — pair the same cardigan with three different shirts, and you have three different outfits! I actually just peeked in my closet and counted, and I currently own ten cardigans. I swear I am not a grandma (though I do love grandmas).

All this to say, I am something of a cardigan conneisseur, and I wanted to share my favorite cover up source with you today. I used to be a fan of J.Crew’s “Jackie” cardigan, but as they’ve inched the price upwards over the years, I’ve grown less and less fond of it. ($62 for a simple, solid cardigan?? No thank you.)

My new go-to source is the Nordstrom juniors department, specifically the Nordstrom house brand, BP. They almost always have a cardigan very similar to the Jackie, but with a tiny bit more stretch, and a much lower price tag. In the winter they offer a long-sleeve version, and in the spring and summer, a 3/4 sleeve one. The quality on both has been quite good in my experience. Online, the long-sleeve version is going for $34 right now, but they’re often on sale in store (I bought most of mine for about $24). You’ve seen this picture before, but here I am in the light pink, 3/4 sleeve version:

I hope this tip helps my fellow cardigan-wearers! If you are going to pick up one for yourself, I would suggest going up a size, since BP is a juniors line, after all. In my experience, they also shrink a tiny bit in the wash.

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Meredith Perdue
November 23, 2011 3:48 pm

I've always loved this photo of you! Thanks for the tip! We're lucky enough to live between two J.Crew outlets, so I can always find them (and other goodies) a bit less expensive than in the stores/online.

November 23, 2011 11:04 pm

Great tip! The Jackie is wonderful but you're right, they are gouging on the price for a simple cotton cardigan.

Carly Totten
November 28, 2011 11:37 pm

This is too funny because I just learned the same thing! I love cardigans for the same reason you said – hello, multiple outfits! However, J. Crew is just too expensive, and BP looks almost exactly the same. The price also allows for a cardigan obsession on a recent college grad budget, and I also love knowing I'm not the only one in her 20s who still frequents Nordstrom's Juniors Department. :-)