Lowcountry Produce

7 May 2012

You know how sometimes you enter a store, and you just want to live there? That’s how I felt about Lowcountry Produce, the market and cafe we visited while in Beaufort. To me, everything about this place was just perfect. To start with, the interior design decisions were spot on, including but not limited to the beautiful green trim, the pendant lights, the black Tolix stools, the soaring ceiling, and the marbled white and gray subway tile.

Then, of course, there’s what they actually sell: fresh produce (naturally), delicious-sounding local and organic goods, and the most perfect selection of entertaining accoutrements. And by perfect selection, I mean it was like someone got in my head and chose exactly the cocktail napkins and serving pieces I would have chosen for myself if I was having an exceptionally good day of aesthetic judgement.

Lowcountry Produce is also a cafe, and we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of homemade donuts and fresh-squeezed orange juice with the sun pouring in those tall windows. John pretty much had to pry me off my stool when it was time to leave.

If you’re in Beaufort, SC, or Lobeco, SC, I would highly recommend a visit to Lowcountry Produce!

P.S. While in Beaufort, we also ate at Wren and Panini’s, and enjoyed both!

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May 7, 2012 12:00 pm

I definitely could live there too!

May 8, 2012 9:45 am

Definitely bookmarking this for any future trips to Beaufort – thanks, Em! It’s absolutely lovely!

May 9, 2012 2:38 am

I’m sold-it looks amazing!

Fran Tuttle
May 9, 2012 8:00 pm

Thank you so much for sharing your blog about your experience at LCP Market Your words were captivating and inspiring ~ and the pictures are stunning. You know exactly how I feel as Manager of this wonderful place ~ I enjoy every moment of every day that I am there.

Thank you again and we hope to see you again soon!

May 9, 2012 8:50 pm

I noticed that you visited Beaufort, SC recently. I agree Low Country Produce is a beautiful place too! I actually just moved to Beaufort from PA and absolutely love it. I enjoyed seeing some of your visits while in Beaufort. Did you happen to stop and browse/eat at the Tooting Egret? It is also a gorgeous place. Lulu Burgess is one of my favorite clothing shops, did you visit there?