Summer wedding dress

2 August 2011

My dear friend Alyssa sent in a fashion query this week, and I was only too happy to oblige! She wrote:

Dear P&P,

I’m headed to my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding in two weeks and I’m looking for guidance on an appropriate dress. I’ve been putting it off all summer, hoping inspiration would come to me. But, it hasn’t and so now I turn to you, my trusted fashion advisor. It’s an evening, outdoor wedding with what the bride describes as a ’20s infused spirit. Her color palette is blue, I believe. My boyfriend is in the wedding party and so I want a dress that will not clash with him but that is not similar to the colors of the bridesmaids, either. I’m a blue-eyed blonde and while I do have a slight summer tan, I’d prefer to shy away from any color that will wash me out. I’m also struggling with style. I will be meeting pretty much all of my boyfriend’s extended family for the first time at the wedding and want a dress that is cute and fun but also elegant and appropriate. Yikes, seeing all of those requirements in writing, it’s no wonder I’m struggling to find the perfect dress!

Any suggestions and/or advice you could provide would be most appreciated :)


I went straight to my old standby Modcloth when faced with your search, Alyssa, especially since you were maybe looking for something with a vintage vibe. Modcloth hint: when searching for dresses, I always select the “longer lengths” category — many of Modcloth’s dresses look reasonable on their website only to turn out to indecently short in person (in my opinion!). “Longer lengths” nets you dresses that are more of a true cocktail length.

But on to the dresses!

“Too Much Fun” dress in raspberry (also available in grapefruit) for $78. Cute, but perhaps a tad casual for an evening wedding. I like that you could add a braided leather belt or a jean jacket and be good to go for daytime wear.

“Red-y to Dance” dress for $100. Love this dress! Definitely elegant, but the red makes it fun, and it has a bit of a vintage vibe. I think this color would look stunning on Alyssa!

“Love is the Answer” dress for $65. I think this dress is elegant and darling at the same time. My only concern is that the color might not be the best for Alyssa (depends how tan you currently are, my friend!).

“SoCal Bungalow” dress in purple (also available in scarlet) for $50. Gorgeous color, elegant style, and a great price.

My token non-Modcloth option, this one is from Macy’s for $83. Alyssa, I know you would be pleased to know that this one got the “adorable” vote from John :)

I hope this helps, my friend! Readers, have any great wedding guest outfit options for Alyssa? Leave them below in the comments!

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August 2, 2011 11:55 pm

I think these are all great choices for Alyssa and knowing Alyssa, I think she'd look lovely in any of them:) I like the all of the Modcloth dresses, but I agree with John, the last one is adorable and my favorite. Only worry would be if it was too much like the bridesmaids in color! Have fun at the wedding Alyssa!

August 5, 2011 4:50 pm

Hello! Love the blog! :) I own the Purple Cal Bungalow dress… it is a stretchy cotton jersey, and in my opinion, not appropriate for this occasion! :) It is a super fun dress for an afternoon cookout though! Hope that helps!

August 5, 2011 5:31 pm

Hi Anonymous! Thanks so much for chiming in :)