2021 Gift Guide: Your Favorite Grown-Ups

22 November 2021

Nothing fancy, just a list of really great gifts that we’ve given, own, have on our wishlists, or are considering giving to our loved ones. With sales popping left and right this week, my hope is that somewhere in this list, you’ll find something that speaks to a personal connection with one of your loved ones (always the best gifts!) — or will at least get your wheels turning :)

For husbands, dads, and brothers:
— A phone tripod he can keep in his wallet (we have and love this!)
— An at-home car wash. I did this when John started a new job a few years, and it made his car look mint condition.
The Psychology of Money. A fantastic, compulsively readable book. Would be perfect for any grown-up!
— A Solo stove. At least in my circles, this seems to be the gift of 2021, and I’m here for it!
— A National Parks Pass + Landmark tee
— Red Clay Hot Sauce variety pack. We bought this Southern trio for our hot sauce-loving brother-in-law a few years ago and it was a hit!
— A Ted Lasso mug. This would make me so happy to sip from every day, but alas I do not regularly drink a beverage that requires a mug.
— A handful of smart plugs to set a scene
— A new game
— Anything from this post I wrote about John’s wardrobe favorites (so many good things in there!)

For moms, sisters, and best friends:
— A sweatshirt for your favorite reader
— Or the “anywhere” sweatshirt from my pal Merrick for your wanderlust gal
— The best conversation cards (I wrote them! :))
Half Baked Harvest Super Simple or any cookbook by Jenny Rosenstrach (my favorites: How to Celebrate Everything and The Weekday Vegetarians). Make it extra-special by earmarking recipes you love or think she should try first!
— A Write the Word journal and Faith action deck. Most WTW volumes have been out of stock for awhile but as of today they’re almost all back, including two of my favorites: Confidence and Fruit of the Spirit!
These pajama pants are clearly needed by some fabulous person
— If you live close enough, a restaurant gift certificate and a night of babysitting, if needed
— These serving trays from Rifle are absolutely gorgeous. It was so hard to choose but I have this round blue and white one to keep things corralled on my dresser and I love it so much.
— The most darling butter dish. I love the yellow and green palette!
— Pretty gold beaded hoop earrings
— A subscription to The Atlantic, Our State, or your news media of choice. The media landscape is having a tough time to the detriment of us all – if you think a publication is doing a good job, support them.

For parents or in-laws:
Obviously many of the above options would be good fits, but a few additional ideas…

— A Skylight digital photo frame. We gave one of these to my in-laws a few months ago and it has been a hit! So easy – you can send photos straight to it from your phone, so it’s easy for us to send new snaps at the end of a busy weekend or driving home from a hike.
— A fresh wreath (coastal or buy one locally and add a bow – these are the ones we use!)
— Something beautiful from Farmhouse Pottery. I think the style of their goods is just so timeless and beautiful. Go for a petite pitcher and pair with a jar of maple syrup or splurge on a pantry bowl and pair with a Stonewall Kitchen pancake mix (the best!!).
— Floral tea for one set. So lovely and obviously I’m biased because of the name :)
— Tickets to go to a game or show together. (For example, my Dad loves the UConn women’s basketball team and for awhile we’d buy him tickets whenever they were playing a team close to where we were living.)
— Thymes Frasier Fir candle (absolutely magical) or a National Park-themed candle (whose purchase supports public lands)
— A charcuterie board from a local company. In the Triangle, we’re lucky to have both Raleigh Cheesy and Boards & Bites to choose from!
— A flexible book light that goes around their neck for easy reading in bed (or repair work, knitting, camping, and more)
— A gorgeous pastel rainbow wind chime for their garden
— This coffee table book of timeless hymns
— A photo mug with the kids or grandkids (yes, they are 30% cheesy, but also beloved) or a photo wall calendar

Lots of fun ideas in last year’s guide, too. And of course, keep in mind that these categories are just starting points – mix and match to your heart’s content! You know your loved ones best!

Up next: Annie’s birth story! Perfect for the week of Thanksgiving :)

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