June’s Favorites at 7 Years

24 July 2023

Has it really been four years since I’ve written a post sharing June’s favorites?! Say it ain’t so! Unless I’m missing something in the archives, the last version was posted in 2019, when she turned three. (I also posted a few of Shep’s favorites at age 3, two years ago.) This post is clearly overdue, so let’s dive in.

Clothing and accessory favorites for 7-year-old girls:

Sneakers | We bought these Saucony sneaks for June for Christmas and were dismayed to see that they were falling apart by February – sad, because I love the look! We replaced them with these Adidas (different color pattern than above) in May and they still look brand new.

Needlepoint baseball hat | The cutest designs and perfect to pull on sunny walks and outdoor camp days.

Chino shorts and knit pull-on shorts | 90% of my kids’ clothes are hand-me-downs from my sister or consignment sale finds, but sometimes I need to supplement specific categories. We’ve been very happy with these two inexpensive shorts this summer!

Lake pajamas | Paying very little money for kids’ clothing means sometimes I treat myself to a splurge. Lake pajamas are $$$ but they’re oh so cute, very soft, and well made. I intentionally chose a striped pattern I can pass down through the kids (though the strawberries above are cute!).

Poodle purse | This sparkly accessory was tucked in June’s stocking last Christmas, and she has very much enjoyed toting it around ever since.

Natives | These are the stapliest of staples in our house. To help ensure a color we’ll both love, I choose 6-8 of the 60+ colors and June makes the final decision. She just selected this color for her most recent pair, which is really lovely in person.

Watch | This watch is easy for her to clip on her wrist and set. She mostly wears it after school when she goes out to play in the neighborhood; we can set a timer/alarm to signal when it’s time to come home.

Game and gear favorites for 7-year-old girls:

Backpack | As a native New Englander, there’s no other choice for a kids’ backpack than LL Bean. We bought her a teal one in this size at the beginning of kindergarten and it’s still going strong.

Books | All books all the time – I shared a bunch of kindergarten and first grade favorite series here!

Catan Junior and cribbage | These are two of June’s favorite games right now – she and I both learned to play cribbage this summer! :) If you’ve ever loved playing Catan, I’ll say they did a really great job adapting a pretty complicated game for younger players.

Doodle Crate | When we received a duplicate Kiwi Crate a few months ago, I found out that we had actually received every single crate in their inventory – so we switched over to the Doodle Crate, and June has loved it!

Hairbrush | I’ve found the “shine” version of the Wet Brush is the best for gently detangling!

Jesus Storybook Bible and Kaleidoscope books | While the JSB is still requested multiple times a week around here (I don’t think you can ever grow out of it!), we’ve also added a few volumes of Kaleidoscope books of the Bible as a bridge to a full-text Bible. We’ve been happy with them!

Piano keyboard and books | When June started piano lessons this spring, this is the keyboard and the books her teacher recommended.

Priority Start 20″ bike | We love, love, love, LOVE our Priority Start bikes! June started with the 16″ and now rides the 20″ to and from school each day (while the 16″ has been passed down to Shep). Both still look pristine and work perfectly! I have no doubt we’ll add a 24″ to the garage once Annie’s ready to ride and everything needs to be passed down.

Tennis dress and racquet | Tennis seems to be June’s sport of choice so far. She specifically requested a white tennis dress, which tickled me :)

Yoto player | The Yoto is still going strong! She often listens at quiet time while puttering around her room, and since the cards load on my phone, too, we regularly listen to them on road trips as a family.

Any elementary-school favorites or questions about this age? I’d love to hear!

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July 24, 2023 12:57 pm

I’ve been looking at the Shark watches for my almost 8 year old but have been hesitant due to price. Love the timer idea! Might have to snag one for his birthday.

We’re a big board game family and Qwirkle and Kingdomino have been on repeat this summer! Kingdomino is quick and your son will probably be able to play too (or at least enjoy himself! My 5 year old only cares about getting the dragon tile vs a winning strategy lol)

July 24, 2023 12:58 pm

The cute clothes were a VERY big reason why I played tennis in high school, so I get it, June ????

July 24, 2023 1:50 pm

I have a big Doodle Crate fan over here, too!
My 7-year old just expressed interest in a Yoto player after using one at a friend‘s house. I was worried he might be too old and maybe not use it for much longer. But after hearing that June still loves hers, maybe we’ll give it a try!

July 24, 2023 6:50 pm

We love the Yoto!!! My 5 year old loves the Yoto Daily podcast, also for quiet time. And I love that I can play her podcasts through the Yoto app, leaving my phone free for my own audiobooks :)

July 27, 2023 10:06 am

June in tennis whites!! Too precious.

Kristen M
July 28, 2023 3:02 pm

My 7 year old daughter loves many of the same things – especially Catan Jr.! She has also learned how to play to grownup Ticket to Ride and is really quite good at it! Checkers has also been added to the rotation, and we still play Uno nonstop. Board games might be her favorite thing (which is awesome because they’re one of my favorite group activities!)
Other favorites are sundresses from H&M (example here: https://www2.hm.com/en_us/productpage.1157735009.html which are super affordable and her favorite quality “so soft” – she prefers the target shorts you linked for the same reason!) And swimsuits from Hanna Andersson! Swimming is the favorite sport of Abby’s and we spend a lot of time in water from May-September so I need swimsuits that hold up to all sorts of conditions – from river exploring, chlorine in the pool, to sandy beaches!
She has a Woom bike she’s a big fan of – we need to look into the next size soon as she’s almost too tall for her current bike – so lil sis will be getting that as a “gift” from big sis at Christmas
Both my girls (7 and almost 4) have Kindles – which have limits at home (no internet, have to hit a certain amount of reading before using apps and the apps are pretty heavily curated) and then when travelling can only be used for audio purposes due to car sickness issues – but having the ability to create her own playlists on Spotify have been a big highlight of prepping for summer travel! It’s been amusing to see what she includes!