Veggie Week

27 October 2009

{Image from Everyday Food}

This past week was Veggie Week in the Peach & Pearl household! As promised, the recipes we tried, as well as our ratings.

Monday: Grilled Pita with Greek Salad from Gourmet (found on Epicurious)
3 stars

Tuesday: Grilled Bread and Tomato Salad (we mashed two recipes together, one from Epicurious and one from Everyday Food) with Herbed Bean Salad (found on Epicurious)
4 stars

Wednesday: Grilled Tomato Linguine (from Everyday Food) and Crusty Bread
3 stars

Thursday: Chickpea Pasta with Almonds (from Real Simple), Green Beans with Sweet Onion Vinaigrette (from Epicurious), and Crusty Bread
2 stars

Friday: out

Saturday: Black Bean and Rice Soup (from Rachel Ray) and Crusty Bread
4 stars

Sunday: Black Bean Quesadillas with Salsa
3 stars

Monday: California Grilled Veggie Sandwiches (from All Recipes)
5 stars

As you can see, the Grilled Veggie Sandwiches were the hit of the week! They will definitely be added in to our regular repertoire.

Side note: Can you tell we like bread? Seriously. We buy it loaves at a time, then slice and freeze it in plastic bags so that we always have some on hand. Bread is very important to us.

Overall, I think this goal did exactly what I was hoping it would: we looked up some new recipes, tried them out, and found a few to add to our regular roster. Success!

P.S. Curious about how I’m doing with my 101 in 1001? Check out my progress here — I update the list regularly, and I’ve got less than a year left!

*We rate on the Netflix scale, which is as follows:
One star: Hated it
Two stars: Didn’t like it
Three stars: Liked it
Four stars: Really liked it
Five stars: Loved it

Also, we don’t believe in rating inflation.

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