On the hunt: Maddison Row

28 September 2012

My first wedding dress shopping experience was actually not with my family — or at least, my family by blood! While on vacation in Charleston in August, about a month after we were engaged, I went with the ladies of John’s family to try on dresses at Maddison Row. One of his sisters was also engaged, so we both got to try on gowns — very fun! Lindsey and the ladies were super sweet and patient, and I loved that they let us take pictures and that they were happy to share the designer, name, and price of any dress (I think it’s so annoying when stores try to keep the style or designer a secret!!). Plus, their salon is adorable!

I tried on fewer than ten dresses, but they ran the gamut from fairly ridiculous to thiscouldbetheone. I was committed to trying on anything they stuck in front of me, though, so I didn’t mind the duds! Speaking of which, these two were the funniest:

The one on the left is only funny because it’s so not me, but it could be lovely on another gal. The one on the right, by Fancy Bridal NY, is actually supposed to be tea-length. Apparently I have really short legs??

This one, the L251 from Romona Keveza Legends, was lovely (with quite the sweep train!), but a little too glam for my style.

I liked how the “Bellflower” by Monique Lhuillier looked on me (left), but the skirt was way too wide for me to actually wear at my wedding. L257 by RK Legends was, again, beautiful, but too sleek for me.

At the end of our visit it came down to two dresses, neither of which won out over the other. (And, speaking honestly, both were wayyy outside of my price range!) Even so, I can definitely see now that they both have similarities to the gown I eventually chose.

This one is the “Bailey” by Monique Lhuillier. I loved the sleeve, the interesting (sweetheart) neckline, and the beautiful natural waist. I also liked the shape of the skirt, and some of the texture, but all of the layers and fluffs and pieces together were a bit too much.

And this one is the “Emmeline” by Vera Wang. Again, I loved the sleeves, the natural waist, and the big old bow. I felt neutrally about the hand-painted skirt (loved the softness, though). The biggest issue was the top — it was even more corset-y than it appears in this photo, which is just not my style.

So — no winner in SC. But a little experience in my pocket, and a fun morning with some of my favorite ladies!

Up next: We travel to Connecticut!

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September 28, 2012 12:20 pm

You could have picked any of these (okay, except maybe the “tea-length” one haha) and looked perfect! This place looks so cute…my best friend had a wonderful experience at a smaller, boutique bridal salon too and I definitely intend to go the same route someday!

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