The best cooking playlist

26 October 2016

I can take almost no credit for this playlist, but I think it’s marvelous, so I wanted to share! Last week, John convinced me to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. Initially, I was not particularly enthused. It ended up being a fun movie, but the big win for me was the soundtrack — all very danceable, sing-along-able songs from the ’70s and ’80s! We listened to it while cooking dinner over the weekend, and it was the perfect playlist for a family dance party in the kitchen. I made a few additions in the same genre to bring the length up to 45 minutes, which is just enough time to make some chili or a baja salad :)

cooking playlist

Listen to it here on Spotify!

P.S. My cozy fall playlist and my happy spring playlist

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October 26, 2016 10:21 am

I love your cozy fall playlist (I have been listening to it at work :) ) and kitchen dance parties are a regular occurrence in our family, so I’m excited to try this playlist too! It is great to have a curated playlist from a great source! :)

Victoria B
October 26, 2016 11:07 am

That movie was so much better than I expected it to be. But yes, the music was awesome! Definitely going to follow this one. Kitchen dancing is the greatest.