A good weekend

3 September 2012

Surf City

In retrospect I sounded a bit frazzled in my last post (which, admittedly, I was), but I just wanted to pop in and let y’all know I’m feeling much more on top of things these days! My to do list for this week only has 22 items on it (which may sound like a lot, but most of them are pretty simple, like “buy Cheerwine,” and some are just things like paying final balances to vendors!). Plus, we spent Saturday at the beach and yesterday at church and then out to dinner with friends (in between wedding tasks, of course), both of which helped to clear our minds. I’m excited to finish out this week strong, and then spend the one after it relaxing and celebrating!

I’ll be back with a post on our registry tomorrow, and a planning update on Wednesday!


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September 3, 2012 5:17 pm

Yay! This sounds perfect! I’m so excited to hear about your registry and the excitement leading up to your wedding. Enjoy every second! xo