Board No. 17: St. Valentine’s

16 February 2009

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Two days late for Valentine’s Day, but because I’m a proponent of celebrating love every day (not just on February 14), this seems appropriate. Jenifer Altman’s photograph of love notes crammed in to soft leather pouches was my inspiration for this board, but I had a really hard time with this one, because as lush and gorgeous as pink and red are together, they risk veering into a big romantic cliche.

What do you think – does this board work? Or have you had your fill of pink and red for the year? Would you use this palette for a wedding, or should it only inspire, say, Valentine’s Day parties?

The Details (No elaboration this week.)
First row, left to right:
Love-letter filled pouches photo by Jenifer Altman, ruffly centerpiece by Artfool; meringue heart ice cream sandwiches by Martha Stewart

Second row, left to right:
Slip dress by Martha Stewart, vintage stamps from The Little Chicken Coop, favor pouches by Papier Valise’s flickr via Creature Comforts

Third row, left to right:
Bouquet by Martha Stewart, lounge area by Brides, leather books photo by Laurie Frankel

Fourth row, left to right:
Ephemera from perfectbound’s flickr; blooms from danske’s flickr, dresses from Martha Stewart

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