Halloween charcuterie

29 October 2018

Our sixth annual pumpkins and soup party was on Saturday, and I think we’ve got the schedule down – at least for this season of life:

4:30 | arrivals and pumpkin carving
5:30 | soup is served
6:30 | dessert (warm chocolate chip cookies!)
7:00 | departures for little bedtimes

Halloween charcuterie

This year, I tried something new for the first hour: a Halloween “charcuterie board” inspired by my friend Kayte! She makes the most creative themed spreads, and I figured an orange and black rendition plunked in the middle of the table, within easy reach of carving stations, would be a hit. It turned out better than I expected, so I thought I’d share!

For this board, I used:

— carrot sticks
— orange bell pepper slices
— sharp cheddar cheese squares
— pimento cheese
— Skinny Pop
— black pepper crackers
— blackberries
— Smokehouse almonds
— clementine slices
— white chocolate covered pretzels
— Wheat Thins
— red pepper hummus
— Concord grapes
— salami

I also added goldfish after I took this photo! The platter is from World Market and the little orange dishes are Target Dollar Spot.

This was seriously so fun and easy, and it really has a wow factor once plated. I’m a bit addicted now and already brainstorming my next theme!! Three of my favorites from Kayte’s repertoire that are inspiring me: end of summer, Fourth of July, and pink for a little girl!

P.S. This would make for a fun spread before trick-or-treating!

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