Classic Groom Essentials

21 June 2012

We have almost finished up John’s shopping for the big day! As you know, he’ll be wearing a classic tux, but we still needed to outfit it with a few accessories. The nice thing about classic accessories is that you can usually find options at a range of price points. To demonstrate, I’ve rounded up some options above – more expensive on the left, less expensive on the right. We chose from both columns for John. Happy shopping!

J. Crew Drakes London 9/10″ wide suspenders for $70 OR The Grunion Run 1″ wide suspenders for $14

Bow ties:
Brooks Brothers self-tie bow tie in English silk for $60 OR Bows ‘N Ties self-tie bow tie in sateen silk for $20

Johnston & Murphy dress lace-up oxford for $175 OR Pronto Uomo patent leather tuxedo shoes for $70

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June 26, 2012 1:39 pm

Love seeing you plan all the details!