All time favorites: M and C

29 July 2011

Let’s finish out the week with the last all time favorite for awhile! Today’s wedding is that of M and C, and it’s also from a few years back — showing how classic and still fresh it is, I think. The photos are by Leigh Miller, and you can see more photos and some of the credits on her posts here and here!

Love the size of these bouquets — they don’t look too small at all!

Wine barrels were used throughout this wedding, and they add some texture while still keeping everything elegant, and definitely not rustic.

This wedding had a silhouette artist!! He cut the silhouettes of guests throughout the reception.

Gorgeous baby’s breath.

Perfect weather, naturally.

Love the lounge area.

Love these place settings, and the vintage napkins!

Look a bit familiar? It’s VERY similar to the table-under-trees photo I pointed out in this wedding!

So, before we wrap things up, let’s summarize. Looking back at these weddings, I notice a few things about the weddings I love:

— They have a classic, elegant, traditional feel, but with a twist that makes them fresh.
— All of the receptions were outside, and five of the seven ceremonies were in a church.
— There is not one color scheme I love, but they all tend to be grounded in neutrals, with lots of white, and there are no bright, bold colors. Most feature a range of muted colors, like soft pinks, blues, grays, yellows, and summer green.
— They all were photographed beautifully, with natural light, and natural posing.
— Lots of hydrangeas, garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias, and peonies. Fluffy flowers.
— Many of them served mini food :)
— All of them featured white wedding cakes.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite from the seven I featured? Lily and John still win for me :)

Lily + John
Erin + Paul
Dabney + Rob
Liz + Chris
Caroline + Clark
Lauren + Joe

All time favorites: Lauren and Joe

27 July 2011

As promised, I am back with a few more of my all-time favorite weddings! Today’s wedding was photographed by none other than Jose Villa, so you know the photos are going to be gorgeous. This lovely was planned by Rosemary Events, and the florals were by Sillapere. It originally appeared on Style Me Pretty, where you can see more photos and all the credits.

Love the simple hydrangeas on the end of the pews! I personally feel that most churches are so beautiful, and you’re in them for such a comparatively short time, that no additional decor is needed, but I do like the simplicity of these arrangements.

Long, neutral gowns!

GORGEOUS tent seemingly in the middle of nowhere — love!

Love al fresco musicians.

I think the variety of white flowers, separated out by type, make for beautiful table arrangements.

Mini food :)

Now those are pretty chairs.

Love the vintage car.

And love the soft lighting at twilight.

I think I have one more wedding to share with you tomorrow!

Lily + John
Erin + Paul
Dabney + Rob
Liz + Chris
Caroline + Clark

Wedding planning update: 12+ months out

25 July 2011

Since it seems like y’all are enjoying the favorite wedding posts we will pick back up with them tomorrow, but since it’s been exactly one month since we got engaged, I wanted to give you an update on what we’ve accomplished so far! Official wedding planning guides can be very helpful (so far I’m using the online one on Martha Stewart Weddings the most), but I do think that sometimes they have their priorities a bit mixed up. I thought it might be helpful to give you an overview of the order we’re doing things in, and, for those of you who are engaged or married, I’d love to hear where we differ and where we’re the same.

Photo by Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty

At one month out (with 12+ months to go), we have:
— Told family and friends about our engagement
— Confirmed a wedding date
— Confirmed a ceremony location
— Confirmed a reception location
— Confirmed an officiant
— Narrowed down photographer options and spoke with two
— Narrowed down florist options and been in touch with two
— Gathered and narrowed down floral and design inspiration
— Begun to flesh out color palette
— Begun to draft guest list
— Spoken with all interested parties and established a preliminary budget

More details to come about all of these points soon! I’ll be back with more weddings tomorrow!

All time favorites: Caroline and Clark

22 July 2011

This week, I’m sharing my top five weddings from years past. These are the staples from my inspiration files, and they are no doubt the ones that will influence my and John’s wedding. Enjoy!

Today’s wedding is what I like to call the Father of the Bride wedding, and what more wonderful muse for a wedding could there be? The classic, elegant, but relaxed atmosphere of Caroline and Clark’s wedding is pretty much exactly what I’m hoping for with ours. This beauty was photographed by A Bryan Photo, and appeared on Snippet & Ink and in Southern Living Weddings. You can see some photos on Caroline’s blog, too.

One of the most gorgeous portraits of any bride ever.

Love the long, drape-y dresses.

Gents in classic tuxedos — you can’t go wrong.

Another epic portrait.

Firefly jars for the kids!

Mix and match china.

First dance under the stars.

And a rocking party… love.

Question for you all: I have one, maybe two more weddings that I would consider favorites. Would you like to see them next week, or shall we move on? Let me know what you think!

Lily + John
Erin + Paul
Dabney + Rob
Liz + Chris