The wedding morning, part three

23 April 2012

Yes, this is the third post about the morning of our wedding. (In case you missed it, I posted about the soundtrack and my outfit here, and the location here.) Perhaps I’m thinking about it right now because last night I had an interesting dream that involved this topic. Would you like to hear about it?

Ozzy Garcia

The dream opened at about 5 in the morning. It is still dark outside. I am in my gown and trying to do my own hair and makeup in my bathroom in my childhood home. No one else seems to be around. Eventually I get ready, and I go downstairs to find five groomsmen who are each wearing a different outfit. I don’t remember this bothering me. John starts to come down the stairs, and I start dashing around, trying to stay out of his sight. End scene.

New scene. I’m in a ballroom, which also is apparently a church, and there are now a ton of people around me, all asking me questions and reminding me of things that haven’t been done. (Most of the questions were about escort cards, which we’re not even having in real life…) In the middle of this, I’m trying to explain to the pastor (not our pastor, but apparently this guy was going to be co-officiating our ceremony) that we want to serve communion, but that we only have one cup, not two, and no wine or bread. He said he thought that was a very bad idea. In the middle of talking to him, I realize that we never decided on our vows or readings or hymns or anything having to do with our ceremony, and I decide that John and I need to talk to our real pastor about this immediately. End scene.

New scene. I’m at my pastor’s house, and he and his family are watching TV. He agrees that we should discuss the ceremony, but says we should wait until John arrives. John eventually arrives, and the three of us go out to a tree house (???) to have our discussion. Apparently I am no longer concerned about John seeing my dress, although I had put on a large winter coat at some point.

And that’s it! I just remember sitting down in the tree house, and then I suppose I woke up.

Now clearly, I don’t expect anything remotely like this to happen on the morning of our wedding. I know we will have written or decided on our vows far in advance of September, and I know our wonderful pastor would never let us get to the day of the wedding without choosing readings or hymns. So why is our ceremony always what my wedding dreams focus on? I’ve had three so far (that I can remember), and they all revolved around us having a completely unplanned ceremony. I’ve never even dreamed about our reception at all.

Just for fun, I wanted to offer up three reasons. I welcome you to offer your own interpretations in the comments :)

1. Though John and I have had a several discussions about our ceremony, we’ve made very few concrete decisions about it, since we’re waiting until we meet with our pastor for the first time before we do so. Even though we have several months to go, perhaps part of me feels like we should be making those decisions sooner.

2. I do not like to be in front of people, and I especially am uncomfortable showing emotion in front of crowds. The ceremony is both the part of our day that I am most looking forward to, but also the part about which I feel the most anxiety. This could be manifesting itself in my dreams.

3. Lately, I’ve been feeling like there is still a LOT to get done, and not enough hours in the day to do it all. Hence the middle part of my dream.

I promise I am not going crazy, and that in my waking hours, I feel very comfortable with where we are in our planning. What do you guys think? Any alternative interpretations out there? :) Did you have a bad dream (or two) about your wedding day before it happened?

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April 23, 2012 8:33 am

Those are bizarre dreams….I don’t have any interpretation to what it all means rather than you probably just have it on your mind so much. The treehouse is interesting :)

April 23, 2012 9:07 pm

I think you are right about the nagging little worries manifesting themselves in your dreams. But that’s a good thing – it’s a way of getting it out there for you to think about and then when you are awake ( and rational, hopefully :) ) you realize that your worries aren’t really so big!
Wonder if the treehouse has anything to do with the climbing house in the backyard? :) Some traumatic events, but also some wonderful times there. Sort of like the ceremony, a little bit scary, but mostly wonderful!

April 24, 2012 8:42 am

I did have dreams about forgetting to do stuff! Specifically I remember one where I had forgotten to get any flowers. You have Carl, I had YOU :)

April 25, 2012 2:12 pm

I had so many wedding nightmares 9 months before the wedding. Weird huh? I was also terrified of our ceremony, I had this vision of the loud noise the doors of our church make when they are opened, and everyone turning around as if “what’s going on? who is this person and why is she here?” It helped as I looked at RSVPs and realized I knew nearly every person who would be in the room, and they certainly would know why I was there ;)

April 29, 2012 11:12 pm

Your dreams definitely sound like mine in the fact that they are all over the place. I have to agree with you about your interpretations on what it could all mean. Hopefully they’ll stop once things get more set in stone! But I have to be honest, the part about the tree house made me laugh a little!!