Flea Market Finds

19 September 2009

On my recent trip to the Raleigh Flea Market I only bought two things and spent less than $5. I love the experience of flea markets and love that you can come away feeling like you’ve found a treasure without spending a ton of money. If you don’t mind digging and haggling, it can be a very satisfying experience.

My finds this time around:

a rusty metal… thing ($1)

and an Aqua Ball mason jar ($4).

If you haven’t noticed yet, I like to collect things. Here are some other finds I’ve scavenged over the years from flea markets or from relatives:

an ironstone wash basin and pitcher…

a folding luggage rack with brocade straps…

and a Jasperware pitcher and milk glass vase.

I’ll share more soon if you’re interested.

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