What’s going in our kids’ Easter baskets this year

8 April 2022

Is it too late to talk about Easter baskets? (Nah – you’ve still got a weekend and a week to prep, if you need it! :))

I know they’re not for everyone, but I’ve really grown to love the opportunity they give me to highlight an important holiday in our faith, support small businesses, replenish basics at the turn of the season, and create some magic for my little ones. And personally, as a creative person, they’re just really fun for me to collect, curate, arrange, and fluff! I might enjoy them even more than the kids.

(If you’re curious, I’ve written extensively on my feelings about Easter baskets in the past – this post captures why I love them and feel they’re an important part of our faith tradition! This post covers some of my tips for keeping baskets budget-friendly.)

Onto the stuffing! Before I get into the 2022 specifics, here are a few things I consider including each year:

— A Bible or faith-based book to add to our library. I’ve rounded up some of our favorites here. (I try to buy these from a local source when possible, like Quail Ridge Books or McIntyre’s Books!) Of course, Write the Word Kids is also a perfect pick for 5-12-year-olds.

— Pajamas. These usually come from Hanna Andersson, Old Navy, or my favorite consignment sale.

— A bathing suit or beach item. Again, Hanna is our go-to, along with Boden and Target. Also love this terry striped cover-up!

— A fun accessory or clothing item, like a Little Poppy hair bow, stick-on earrings, a Harding Lane needlepoint hat, the best kid sunglasses, or a twirly dress from Alice & Ames.

— Summer shoes. In our house, that’s usually a pair of Saltwaters and a pair of Natives, if they need the next size up.

— Something fun to play with, like a DIY magic wandMagnaTile cars, a mini play mat, color-changing ponies, a sticker activity book, gem diving toys, or a personalized memory game. Many more ideas here!

— A special snack or candy, like bunny grahams or those frosted animal cookies.

Tucking in some a few of their favorite stuffed bunnies has become a tradition – we also love Jellycats and Cuddle + Kind dolls, which I like to get from a favorite local store.

Now, here’s what’s going in our little ones’ baskets this year!

Both June and Shep will have a pair of hand-me-down pajamas I set aside from the last load my sister brought over, a few bath bombs, and a matching bathing suit (reader, I could not resist – this for June, this for Shep, and this for Annie). They’ll also have a new box of chalk I couldn’t fit in either of their baskets. In addition, they’ll have a few individual items:

June, age 6, will have a copy of Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer, a new water bottle, white chocolate covered pretzels, this bold striped swimsuit, and a fairy door to color (a friend ordered this set and we split them amongst our kids). Her basket also includes a Polly Pocket (!), a magnetic doll set I snagged while in Black Mountain, and an MLP Color Wonder book.

Shep, age 3, will have his very own Jesus Storybook Bible, gummy bears, a fairy door, a Paw Patrol Color Wonder book, a Bluey coloring book, fun band-aids (they’re obsessed), and a Babe DVD that I got for $1 from a consignment sale, ha!

Annie, age 9 months, will have her bathing suit. And actually, her basket is back-ordered until May, so she will have… nothing :) But I’m sure she will be thrilled, regardless!

If you’re celebrating with baskets, what’s your favorite find for this year? Happy fluffing! :)

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April 10, 2022 3:34 pm

The Jesus Storybook Bible is my favourite. The kids are kinda past this stage now, but I absolutely love how the message of Jesus’ love is woven through every page…!
And three cheers for consignment. I love thrifting and never hesitate to use items like that as part of my kiddos gifts; and now they have become great thrifters, too and love to browse some local thrift shops when they’re looking for a certain toy or game. I got a BRAND NEW version of SpotIt for my 11-year-old for her birthday for under $2. Still in the package with the shrink wrap. Sold!

April 15, 2022 8:35 pm

Such fun baskets! They will be thrilled! Ours look similar: They will each get some Welly‘s bandaids, a summer outfit, sun hats, pastel markers, bubbles, a Wild Kratts Magazine each and some Kinder chocolates and a Lindt bunny.
My mom got them new bathing suits for Easter, otherwise I would have put those in too :)
Happy Easter, friend!