Tuxedo junction

10 April 2012

I think I’ve mentioned before that John and his gents will be wearing tuxedos on the big day. Unlike some ladies, this required no arm-twisting on my part: a tuxedo was what he wanted to wear, so a tuxedo is what he shall wear. Yay!

Erin Hearts Court

We decided early on that we wanted to buy instead of rent a tuxedo for John for three main reasons:

1) Buying means you can tailor, which means a better fit.
2) We already know John needs to wear a tuxedo twice this summer, which means it begins to make more sense financially to buy instead of renting multiple times.
3) It can be hard to match a specific aesthetic when renting.

A Bryan Photo

We also decided fairly quickly that we didn’t want the gents to wear a vest (too prom) or a cummerbund (too annoying), but suspenders, instead. And a basic black (self-tied) bow tie, of course. The other specifics, like a shirt with a point collar, a two-button jacket, and a peak lapel, we chose based on this oh-so-stylish advice, and on examining the J.Crew tuxedo, which is out of our price range but undeniably handsome.

Charlotte Jenks Lewis

But where to find this stylish-but-reasonably-priced gem of a tuxedo? Happily, Marget’s fiance, Seth, had already done extensive research on this very topic, and pointed us in the direction of the Tommy Hilfiger tuxedos at Macy’s. He had purchased one for himself previously, and vouched for the quality and fit. On the day we cruised over to the Macy’s site to check things out, the tuxedo that caught our eye just so happened to be 66% off! With free shipping and free returns, we didn’t hesitate to snap one up in John’s size (after much confusion over measurements – fingers crossed it fits!). For those that are curious, we bought this jacket and these pants, and this shirt. We’re planning to pick up the bow tie, suspenders, and shoes at a later date. Macy’s runs sales ALL the time, so if you like the look of this guy, check back often!

Jen Huang (left) and Jose Villa

We’re still waiting for everything to arrive in the mail, but maybe John will let me snap a pic for you once the whole thing comes in! In the meantime, I’ve been collecting some fun ways for grooms to personalize their look, and I’ll be sharing those tomorrow.

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