2018 Gift Guide: Sisters, Moms, and Best Friends

21 November 2018

Better late than never, am I right? :) Black Friday/Cyber Monday is upon us, so I’m making my list and checking it twice for all of the loved ones in my life. I’ll be sharing gift ideas in a few different categories this week and next in case you’re stuck on a certain someone! Up first: your best girls.

P.S. A note on prices: though everything here is under $100, I did include a range. In both sides of my family we’ve gone to a gift pick system, where the siblings draw names and there’s a $75 cap per person, and I figured some of you may have done the same! Or maybe you’re looking for something to add to your personal wish list for a generous parent to gift you :) I hope you find these ideas helpful!

gift guide for gals

A. Chambray notebook | A lot of my gifts tend to fall in the “upgraded essentials” category these days, including this one. Someone on my list is getting one of these this Christmas!
B. Dreamy joggers | Is it embarrassing that these are at the top of my personal wish list? No? Good.
C. Rose tinted lip balm | The stylish Lisa recommended this to me. Also on my wish list this year!
D. Flower studs | I’m seeing (and admiring!) these statement floral earrings everywhere, and I love this handmade (and inexpensive!) interpretation. (I also adore everything from this shop if you have a little more wiggle room in the budget!)
E. Bow gloves | These are on my wish list in the navy, but I think the red is such a fun splash of color, too.
F. Clipfolio | File this under “things she didn’t know she needed but now definitely does.” The perfect spot to keep it all together!
G. Super Tips marker set | I know this might seem like a strange gift, but if she does any sort of drawing, sketching, or doodling, these markers are SO fun to use and have the best colors!
H. Mixing bowl set | Eek! The pink sold out between gathering and posting, but I also love the jadeite.
I. Bow napkin rings | Literally stopped in my tracks when I saw these in Target… and then bought two sets for myself.
J. The best greeting card set | I know you’re probably sick of hearing about these, but they are SO beautiful and SUCH a good deal – couldn’t not include them! :)
K. Gold earrings | I love that these are a more modern take on the bow shape. you could dress them up or down!
L. See the good tee | A message she’d be happy to wear.
M. Delicate necklace | I found so many pieces to love on this site – aside from the necklace above, I loved these earrings and this necklace, too. An amazing kind-hearted company to support!
N. Custom keyring | The Mama Bear example shown above is perfect, but you can also commission a custom phrase for a super-sweet gift!
O. Monogrammed pouch | A pretty spot to hold her essentials in a larger tote bag.

Any other great gift ideas to share? Please do — I know readers would love to hear!!

P.S. Last year’s gift guide for gals, and the 2016 guide – lots of great picks in both I still stand by! :)

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