Accessories Week: Earrings + Clutch

28 June 2012

Back with more accessories!

Photos above by Heather Kincaid (left) and Karen Wise (right)

I wear pearl studs day in and day out, so I’m not looking to wear anything too flashy on my wedding day, either. I tried on these ones, these ones, and these ones (among others) in my search, but none of them were quite right.

Mom to the rescue again! I found the silver Diamonique pair in her jewelry box on my last visit home. They’re the perfect size and shape, but would be just a little bit better if they were in gold instead of silver. Of course, QVC also sells a gold version, but they’re inexplicably $140 more expensive. No thank you. I’ll be going with the silver ones unless something else drops into my lap. I also have the cluster drops as a back-up option.

Photos above by A Bryan Photo

The clutch I’ll be carrying is also a something borrowed – hilariously, it’s the clutch I gave my friend Katharine for her wedding! Pinky swear I didn’t know it would work out this way at the time. I was honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and I’ll be honored to carry her clutch on my wedding day. For those of you who love the style, it’s the Classic Bow clutch from Davie & Chiyo. Though I love the “snow white” color, they have so many fun shades to choose from! I particularly like the pale aqua and the seashell.

Back with the last few details tomorrow!

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June 30, 2012 3:28 am

So special and fun that you’re wearing Katharine’s clutch!:) I really love the aqua color as well!