Wedding planning update: 16 days to go

30 August 2012

Oh my. This has been a rough week in terms of wedding planning – the most to do, and seemingly not much time to do it. We did get a few things done, but I’m hoping to finish the week strong so that next week can be all about organizing and packing.

Another task we completed this week — mapping out a wedding day car schedule, so our 16 bridal party + family members can get around in five cars on 10 different legs… without leaving anyone behind

Since my last update:
— I finished scanning all our slideshow photos and we’ve loaded them into the program – now just need to add finishing touches
— We finalized our wedding day schedule (we also timed out our ceremony to make sure our estimate was accurate!)
— We chose songs for all important moments (except first dance – still trying to decide on that one!)
— We made the final selections for our bar
— I printed the wrappers for our favors
— I sent the ceremony programs, welcome bag inserts, and maps out to be printed
— I’ve painted a first coat on our remaining large reception signage
— I mapped out our menu board and bought the additional paper needed for the rest of our signage (oh signage…)
— We sent final payments to several of our vendors – exciting!
— My veil arrived!
— I wrapped gifts for my bridesmaids and our greeters, readers, and pianist

A few of the tasks still on the list for the remainder of the week:
— Finalize details with our bandleader
— Finish the slideshow
— Write our toast
— Finalize our personal vows (eep!)
— Invite guests to Sunday brunch
— Finish the bar menu signage
— Assemble our menu board
— Make reserved table signs
— Find something to hold our cards at the reception

Wish me luck!! Hoping to get something up besides an update in the next week!

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[…] it. We did get a few things done, but I'm hoping to finish the … … Visit link: Wedding planning update: 16 days to go – Em for Marvelous – ← Wedding Tips and Tricks to Make Your Happy Day a Great One […]

August 30, 2012 8:52 pm

16 days! I cannot even handle it – how did this past year fly by so quickly? Best of luck with finishing up all of these projects. I cannot wait to see and hear all about it!

September 3, 2012 9:49 am

You are so organized! Love the Post-It notes. Don’t stress about the vows too much. The right words will come. Keep an notebook by your bed because that is when your best ideas will come, but chances are you will forget them before you wake up.