Accessories Week: Comb + Veil

29 June 2012

For my final accessories post, we shall discuss what I’m wearing on my head!

Marget and I will actually be sharing a veil, and we’re hoping it will become a family heirloom! (Still two sisters between us yet to be married, so there’s hope for it to happen even in this generation :) We fell in love with a Sara Gabriel veil a month or so after I got engaged, but at about $450, it was out of our price range. When Annette of Chaviano Couture said she could make something similar for $250, we jumped at the chance! Annette and I had our final Skype call yesterday, and she sent me a few in-process photos, too. That’s it on the bottom right – we’re going to make the horsehair trim about 25% narrower, but otherwise, we’re thrilled!

Photos by Shawn Connell for Christian Oth (left) and Elsa Corsi

Post-ceremony I think I’ll switch out the veil for a comb tucked into an updo. A few pretty options above from Tejani, Jennifer Behr, Hair Comes the Bride, and Percy Handmade. Happily, I’ll be borrowing the comb a dear friend wore on her wedding day!

I’m off to a wedding at a Newport mansion tonight – can’t wait!! Will be back soon to share pics and a review of my Rent the Runway dress!

Accessories Week: Earrings + Clutch

28 June 2012

Back with more accessories!

Photos above by Heather Kincaid (left) and Karen Wise (right)

I wear pearl studs day in and day out, so I’m not looking to wear anything too flashy on my wedding day, either. I tried on these ones, these ones, and these ones (among others) in my search, but none of them were quite right.

Mom to the rescue again! I found the silver Diamonique pair in her jewelry box on my last visit home. They’re the perfect size and shape, but would be just a little bit better if they were in gold instead of silver. Of course, QVC also sells a gold version, but they’re inexplicably $140 more expensive. No thank you. I’ll be going with the silver ones unless something else drops into my lap. I also have the cluster drops as a back-up option.

Photos above by A Bryan Photo

The clutch I’ll be carrying is also a something borrowed – hilariously, it’s the clutch I gave my friend Katharine for her wedding! Pinky swear I didn’t know it would work out this way at the time. I was honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and I’ll be honored to carry her clutch on my wedding day. For those of you who love the style, it’s the Classic Bow clutch from Davie & Chiyo. Though I love the “snow white” color, they have so many fun shades to choose from! I particularly like the pale aqua and the seashell.

Back with the last few details tomorrow!

Accessories Week: Bracelet + Necklace

27 June 2012

Hi friends!! I apologize for skipping out on you for a few days! On Friday I was scheduled to fly up to Boston, but my flight got canceled! (That’s never happened to me before!) Luckily I was able to get on a flight that night to Hartford, and my saintly mother and sister drove from Boston to Hartford to retrieve me – and then back up to Maine (whew!). We went to sleep at 2:30 that night/morning, and then were up at 8:30 the next day for my uncle’s wedding, where I was the “official” photographer :) Sunday we drove home to Connecticut, and I’ve been catching up ever since!

All this to say, I’m looking forward to sharing my wedding day accessories with you this week! Today let’s start with my necklace and bracelet. Necklace first.

A little back story: that pretty silver + pearl pendant necklace was one of the first gifts that John ever gave me. I’ve worn it pretty much every day since, going on about six years now. I love it! Since my dress is a bit complicated on top, I knew I wanted a simple, delicate necklace, and so I always assumed I’d wear my Dogeared one. THEN I spotted the gold + diamond number on the right and bottom. Gorgeous, no? I can’t help but think it would make a perfect wedding day gift, as it’s basically my necklace, except fancier :)

I do know that I will for sure be wearing the lovely sapphire, gold, and diamond bracelet above. I found it while pawing through my Mom’s jewelry chest on my last trip home – score one for heirloom (and free! and gorgeous!) accessories! I wasn’t planning to wear a bracelet, but this one is too perfect to pass up. We just have to take it in to fix the clasp, and it will be good to go.

Back tomorrow with the goods on my clutch + earrings!

Classic Groom Essentials

21 June 2012

We have almost finished up John’s shopping for the big day! As you know, he’ll be wearing a classic tux, but we still needed to outfit it with a few accessories. The nice thing about classic accessories is that you can usually find options at a range of price points. To demonstrate, I’ve rounded up some options above – more expensive on the left, less expensive on the right. We chose from both columns for John. Happy shopping!

J. Crew Drakes London 9/10″ wide suspenders for $70 OR The Grunion Run 1″ wide suspenders for $14

Bow ties:
Brooks Brothers self-tie bow tie in English silk for $60 OR Bows ‘N Ties self-tie bow tie in sateen silk for $20

Johnston & Murphy dress lace-up oxford for $175 OR Pronto Uomo patent leather tuxedo shoes for $70