Buttermilk and friends

30 June 2010

Have you heard of Jessica Hische’s font Buttermilk? If you 1) read this sort of blog and 2) don’t live under a rock, then you probably have. It’s available for purchase here. Since it debuted last year it’s been fun to see the great uses it’s been put to.

Suann used it for birthday party favors:

Andres used it to design his wedding invitation suite.

Mimi used it in DIY drink labels.

Jessica herself used it to design a suite for Bella Figura.

Betsywhite used it in her “Bella” invitation.

I must say I won’t discriminate, however. I also love the font “Memoriam,” which Lauren used for her wedding’s paper products, and I love whatever swirly font Melangerie NYC used on their tote bag.

More deets on the program here and the guestbook here.

What’s your favorite font?

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