April 2020 goals

3 April 2020

Well, clearly my March did not go as planned. (You, too?) This is reflected in my goal progress last month, but instead of being frustrated, I’m feeling grateful for all that we did experience in this memorable and unusual month, especially when so many are suffering in so many ways.

In April, I’m choosing hope – simple moments of joy with my family, at our home, out in the sunshine. I’m wishing the same for you.

On my calendar this month:
— Holy Week and Easter. This is certainly going to look different than usual, but I’m looking forward to making it special.
— While our Florida vacation has been postponed, we’re still taking two of those vacation days as a family. Looking forward to getting outside and enjoying each other and the sunshine!
— A virtual baby shower for a friend. My first one! :)

What I’m loving right now:
— We planted our backyard vegetable garden and have been checking on growth every day! My favorite thing to plant is Super Sweet 100, a cherry tomato that has always been prolific for us.
— We brought this sweet potato burrito recipe out of the vault last week and it’s delicious! A great meal option when meat is hard to find.
— The Threshold by Shea McGee collection looks beautiful! It launches tomorrow – I particularly like this, this, and this!

What I read in March:
Southern Lady Code: This was my fiction pick for March, and sadly it did not live up to the hype. Not only did I not howl with laughter, I merely chuckled once or twice. Not my cup of tea.
How to Raise a Wild Child: I am loving how practical this book is! Such great ideas if you’re hoping to get outside more with your family and connect your kids to nature.
The Golden Hour: My Mom left this book at our house after her last visit, and since pickings are slim these days, I picked it up. It’s enjoyable and engrossing, switching between a woman in early-1900s Germany and one in mid-1940s Bahamas.

My reading list for 2020, if you’d like to follow along! Though my plans have been a little derailed with our library closing, I have a copy of The Tattooist of Auschwitz in hand and am excited to dig in this month!

Revisiting my March goals:
Send invites for meal planning potluck (The e-invite has been designed, guest list inputted, and we’re sitting tight. The date we’d picked out is at the end of this month, but we’re not sure if that’s going to be possible.)
Assemble friend dossiers and brainstorm ideas for get-togethers
Book May camping trip (on hold for now)
Finish craft table organization in the loft (More progress here, and still more to go!)
Finish reading Matthew with John (We’re on chapter 16 of 28. There is so much packed in there!!)
Finish planning our trip to Florida (postponed until next year)

April goals:
— Finish printing out Pinterest recipes and rearrange boards
— Clean out our garage
— Make spring recipe cheat sheet
— Design and print our first family photo album!
— Finish reading Matthew with John and begin Mark
— Connect with each of my 8 focal friends in a meaningful way
— Roast s’mores in our backyard
— Make an Easter egg tree with June for our dining room table

Friends, I’d love to hear what you have planned for this stay-at-home month ahead. Hoping you are all staying safe and well!

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April 5, 2020 6:16 pm

I was so eager to read your April goals and to see how you are approaching goal setting during this unusual time (I’m ALWAYS eager to read your goal posts — my favorites! — but it felt particularly urgent after these last few disorienting weeks). My April goals are mainly focused on daily/weekly practices that will keep me productive and positive (journal every day, spend less than 30 minutes on my phone — other than talking — each day, walk 10,000 steps each day; reach out to a friend in a meaningful way each week, have an at-home-date-night each week, evaluate the past week and plan ahead the following week — mainly for job related tasks — each Sunday). But I have some monthly ones as well, including celebrating Holy Week and Easter meaningfully, pitching articles to two new sites, watching watercoloring tutorials on youtube, organizing Q1 photos, deep cleaning my daughter’s room and closet and then a few work related things.

April 7, 2020 11:14 am

I posted my four simple goals for this month yesterday (https://www.justjessicad.com/2020/04/april-goals.html). I always loved roasting s’mores in my parent’s backyard in the summers and I am sure it will be a great memory for J & S.