Reader Mail: Rugs + Curtains

24 April 2009

More reader mail – yippee! Hearing your thoughts is one of my very favorite things, so if you ever have a question about weddings, events, clothing, homes, design, or something else you think I might be interested in, please send it along! I’m usually good for a little research and a little perspective, at the very least.

Kate is moving into a new home in June, and though she’s not quite at the design stage yet, she wants to have some go-to resources for when she is. Specifically, she’s looking for great shops for curtains and rugs. Here’s what I have to share.

West Elm is a great source for clean, modern furnishings. Add in a bit of texture or pattern and they become delightfully warm, like this braided stripe jute rug, chunky plaited wool rug, and zebra rug.

West Elm also has some beautiful curtains – I like these linen, silk dupioni, and jute options.

Garnet Hill has some great patterned rugs, like this wool silk one, this cotton one, and this wool one.

Speaking of patterned rugs, if stripes are the sort of thing you’re into, I know of no better source than Dash & Albert. How about this green one, this green one, or this green one? (They have other colors, too, don’t worry!)

Clearly Ikea has some great, inexpensive options for rugs and curtains (I’m particularly enamored with this flokati version), but have you considered L.L. Bean? Oh yes, you remember how much I love L.L. Bean. They do the classic braided rug very well, in snappy updated color combinations as well as more traditional muted ones. And remember that lifetime guarantee?

The Company Store is another outfit with a plethora of rugs. They also carry curtains in a stunning range of colors…

{Hint: that’s only a few of them!}

And lastly, I know this isn’t the type of curtain Kate’s looking for, but I couldn’t resist…

Quilted Shower Curtain from India Rose

I hope this helps, Kate! We’d love to see photos of your new place once you’re settled in!

[To all you Google Readers: this post went up a bit too early earlier today… eep! My apologies.]

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