Reader Mail: Leather & Metallic Sandals

8 April 2009

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today’s reader mail comes from Alyssa, who’s looking for simple sandals that can be worn when dressing up (a sundress) or down (jean shorts). She’s also on a budget.

My favorite way to bridge the occasion gap is by sticking to a classic base (in this case, leather), unfussy styles that look chic (whether expensive or cheap), and a touch of metallic (but make sure it only has a dull sheen to it). Here are some of my picks, from least expensive to most:

These Victoria’s Secret (!) classic flip flops come in a dull gold (left photo, top) and mocha (right photo, middle). Both would fit the bill and clock in at just $29.

These Colin Stuart classic thongs from VS look extremely comfortable and are also just $29. If Alyssa isn’t feeling the metallic, she could easily choose black or brown suede with these.

American Eagle adds a twist to their leather flip flops with (appropriately) the Twist sandal. $29.50, comes in a flat gold.

Lastly, for a silver option, we have J. Crew. Their leather Capri sandal is on sale for $39.50 and comes in the metallic silver above, as well as light gold and a “metallic guava.” Oolala.

I hope this helps, Alyssa! If anyone else has a fashion, wedding, decorating, entertaining, or organizing question they’d like answered on Peach & Pearl, shoot me an email: peachandpearl [at] ymail [dot] com. I’d be happy to see what I can find!

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