Maine Squeeze: More Decor

9 June 2011

On to a few details! As you all well know, we had lots of bunting. LOTS of bunting. We hung it on the boardwalk coming in…

over the buffet…

on the back of Adirondack chairs…

over the bar…

behind the cake display…

…and other places, I’m sure. We also had mini paper bunting on the fronts of the buffet tables.

We chose not to have full seating because we wanted people to mix and mingle (and play lawn games!). It worked! We did have seating for about 60, though. On the tables, we used plain white linens, simple runners of navy and white gingham fabric, and an assortment of centerpieces. Elements included:

white hydrangea from my grandmother’s garden

beach rocks and striped candy sticks

saltwater taffy

fresh blueberries in cute berry baskets

and paper pinwheels

I wrote about Kate + Cormac’s centerpieces a bit more here.

Back to that bar for a minute, shall we? My good friend (a licensed bartender) handled the drinks for us, and he did a fabulous job.

There were, of course, lots of striped paper straws and drink stirrers :)

One last detail for this post? We set out a stack of Island postcards for guests to take as souvenirs.

Up next? Toasts!

All photos by the super talented and lovely Jenna Cole and Meredith of & Unlimited.

We arrive
We prepare
We raise the tent
We rehearse and play wiffle ball
We jump off the wharf
We eat lobster
We wake up very early, and the gents get dressed
The girls get ready
They make their vows
Lemonade and cookies
We eat
We play

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