P&P Gift Guide 2010: Cool

8 December 2010

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Continuing on with my lovely if harebrained gift guide series, I present to you the cool colors! As with all the guides, the picks are a mix of ideas for friends, and ideas for yourself :) Enjoy!

The Cool Colors

1. Daytrip Hammock. Apparently this is a very popular item, because it seems to have sold out since I put together these posts last week?

2. A pair of Asics Onitsuka Tigers. While I appreciate Pumas aesthetically, I’ve found they’re terribly uncomfortable to wear. These Asics blend good lucks and a good feel. $80

3. The Capri Blue probably wins for my favorite candle of all time. Smells SO good, and burns forever. LOVE. $18

4. Wool flower from Hummingbird Road. Perfect to adorn a clutch or cardigan! $25

5. Band-Aids by Cynthia Rowley. Yes, you would be giving someone band-aids for Christmas. But they’re pretty. $10

6. Seersucker tote. Need I say more than “adorable”? $46

7. Kate Spade Jane Street Remy. A splurge for sure, but this pretty is at the top of my wallet wish list. $175

8. Any of the Penguin Classics. Too pretty to pass up. $13.60

9. Lovely blue cereal bowls. $8 each

10. A jadite cake stand. I use one of my cake stands to hold spices next to the stove — they’re not just for confections! $45

11. You can file this one under unnecessary, but I love when utilitarian items like a kitchen timer get a makeover. Plus, it’s magnetic! $12

12. Fleur tealight. These would look lovely in a row down the center of a dinner table. $10

Up tomorrow: the neutrals!

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December 8, 2010 8:58 pm

I have the kitchen timer in red….So definitely a wonderful gift since I received it last Christmas from my mom! Love the wallet and also the Fleur tealight. I would say this and the neutrals are my favorite color families (if you couldn't tell from my blog!