Striped paper straws

21 April 2010

Gather in close, y’all, because I’ve got a secret to share today. Well, it won’t be a secret much longer, but that’s okay. You know those ridiculously cute and eco-friendly striped paper straws that are making the rounds of blog land?

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Yep, those ones. Like many of you, I’m sure, I’m a little bit in love with them. However, I was discouraged by the online ordering process, though there are a few options. The first is to order from Kikkerland, the company that manufactures them. You can go here to do that. One box of 50 straws is $3, but that balloons to $12.99 with shipping, or $4.33 per box! AND you don’t get to pick the color! You’ll get either blue + white, green + white, or red + white, whichever combo Kikkerland feels like sending you.

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Green Party Goods sells the straws in packs of 3 for $8.50, but again, you can’t choose the colors (you’ll get either green + white, blue + white, or pink + white). They also require you to have a minimum order of $17 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which will bring your total to $26.29 with shipping at a minimum, or $4.38 per box. Right.

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There are also several vendors on Etsy that sell the straws, but the deals are even worse, if you can believe it. Here you can buy 1 red + white pack for $9 with shipping, here you can buy the same for $11.25 (!!), and here you can buy a pack of just 25 green + white, pink + white, or blue + white for $8.25 (that would be $16.50 for 50 straws!!!). The only benefit with Etsy is that you can be assured of the color combination.

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HOWEVER (and here’s where it gets good), I have a solution that blows the rest of these out of the water. It’s a little store that goes by the name of Rock Paper Scissors, located in Wiscasset, Maine. I drive through Wiscasset every summer on the way to my family’s summer house, and lately I’ve always tried to stop at RPS. It’s a delightful store, but perhaps the best part is that they sell these straws… for $2 a box! If you happen to be in the area, I’d suggest stopping by to pick up a few. If you aren’t, simply call the store (207-882-9930) and request the colors you’d like (selection varies). The owner will charge you the cost of shipping after she’s weighed it at the post office.

The upshot? On Thursday I ordered 3 boxes of gray + white and 4 boxes of blue + white, and my total (with shipping) was $21.50, or $3.07 a box. Score! And you have the added bonus of supporting a small business.

I’d love to hear if you try my method!

UPDATE: Reader Chelsea let us know that Rock Paper Scissors is no longer shipping paper straws, but is still selling them in-store. RPS recommends getting the straws online from Kikkerland.

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November 7, 2011 11:12 pm

I know this post is ancient by this point, but it sounds like everything still frequents so I thought I would share that I just called Rock Paper Scissors to place an order and they are no longer shipping the straws; sold in store only. It was worth a shot! Looks like I'm heading to Kikkerland. The store owner told me that this is where she orders hers from.