DIY Bell Chandelier

30 December 2008

This simple project is a little late for Christmas, but I think it’s appropriate as a winter decoration, as well.

Here’s what you need:
— a chandelier (ours is over the dining room table)
— a pack of jingle bells (the ones I chose are gold – they were about $2.50 at Walmart, and I only used half of the package)
— a spool of fishing line

Once you’ve assembled your supplies, you can begin hanging the bells.

Cut a length of fishing line and knot one end through the bell’s loop (a single knot worked for me). Tie the other end to an arm of the chandelier with a double knot. Trim both ends of the line. Continue until the chandelier is as full of bells as you like, alternating the lengths of the strings and the size of the bells (if you have more than one size to work with). I strung three bells on each arm.

Et voila! A simple and festive winter decoration

{All photos by me – and I promise it looks better in person!}

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