Weekend Project: Closet Cleanup

11 October 2010

For no apparent reason, I woke up on Saturday morning with an intense urge to clean out our linen closet. Well actually, here’s the “before” — you decide if I had no reason, apparent or otherwise, to have an urge to clean:

Yeah. It was bad. And pretty uncharacteristic for me, but it was definitely one of those spots I just kept shoving things, you know? But on Saturday morning, I had had enough. I started by pulling everything out and piling it on the bathroom floor. This was about the time that J woke up — poor timing on his part, as I think he thought I had turned cuckoo overnight. No matter — I forged ahead.

It’s really a decent-sized closet with nice built-in shelving, so all I had to do was find a spot for everything. I’m proud to say I didn’t buy anything new for this project — it was simply a matter of organizing, sorting, and repurposing supplies from other parts of the apartment.

Want to see what I came up with? Okay! Ta-da!

Muuuuuch better, wouldn’t you say? Let’s go shelf by shelf.

Before on the top, we had a nasty snarl of ribbons, jumbled extra boxes, wads of tissue paper, and random do-dads I was saving to decorate a someday present.

Now? A nice, neat bin o’ ribbon, and neatly stacked boxes (the smaller ones are inside the larger ones).

Before one step down we had some more boxes, a few beach towels, and a tangle of sheets.

And after, neatly folded beach towels and pillowcases!

Before, towels, placemats, and napkins, oh my!

And after, neatly folded sheets on the left and table accessories on the right.

Next we had a mess of toiletries.

And after, neatly folded towels and toiletries in cute berry baskets.

On the second to last (seriously underutilized) shelf, we had a few random cleaning supplies.

In the after, the toiletries, now neatly organized, took their place.

And finally, on the floor, we had bulk storage.

And now? Well, it looks pretty much the same. :)

Did you tackle any projects this weekend?

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October 11, 2010 9:46 pm

Looks great! I did something similar to my 3-shelf bathroom cupboard in the spring and it was amazing how much nicer the whole bathroom suddenly felt to me! Organizing/cleaning is always such a nice accomplishment.

October 15, 2010 1:44 am

i did some major closet cleaning yesterday and it's all thanks to this post!