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14 August 2009

More reader mail! Erin writes:

Hi Emily,

I found your blog while looking for ideas for my upcoming November wedding. Your posts and all things wedding capture the sort of style I am looking for, and the photographers you like are the style I am looking for but have not yet been able to find in Boston. In some of your posts you mention New England and Boston so I thought I would ask if you knew of any photographers in the area. The ones you link to on your site are mostly from the West Coast and so far the closest I can find that is the same style is in Tennessee. If you know of any in the Boston area and would be willing to send me their names I would really appreciate it!


Well, you’re in luck, Erin! I am from the New England area and went to school outside of Boston, so I’m happy to recommend vendors in my beloved corner of the country. As Erin notes, many of the photographers I routinely feature are from the West Coast (in fact, five of the eight photographers I link to in the sidebar are based in California). However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t fabulous photographers with a similar aesthetic in New England. Here are my top five favorites in the Boston area. {Incidentally, to the best of my knowledge all are based in Connecticut but willing to travel throughout New England, if not the world!}

Justin & Mary Marantz are a husband and wife team. Website and blog here. Famous for getting to know and love the couples they work with and for weaving a narrative of the day with their image sequences.

Carla Ten Eyck is known for shooting with at least one (and sometimes more) second shooters – a perfect bonus for couples planning larger weddings or who want every detail captured while not missing out on the spontaneous emotion of the day. Some of her second shooters also shoot weddings solo, which could be a great choice for a couple with a more limited budget. Website and blog here.

I love that in 2005 Steve DePino bought a house that sits right across the street from the baseball diamond where he played his first Little League game. Sounds like my kind of storybook. Besides that, I love the relaxed, unobtrusive nature of his portraits and his great eye for detail. Website here and blog here.

Amanda Herzberger of Orchard Cove Photography is another fabulous pick. On her website, she writes that she looks forward to capturing your “extraordinary everyday moments.” I think her photographs capture that dichotomy quite well. Website here and blog here.

Studio Foto is perfect for couples with a bit more of an edge. Another duo with a fabulously unique perspective and a true talent for capturing the emotion of the moment in a photograph. Website here and blog here.

Love what you see on P&P but having trouble finding vendors that match your aesthetic? Let me help! I’ll even consider requests outside the New England area :)

peachandpearl {at} ymail {dot} com

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