A spring woodland baby shower for Nancy

9 July 2015

You’ve seen the spring woodlands baby animals inspiration board, and now it’s time for the real thing!


We ordered this invitation from Minted in “tree moss.”

First, a little background: this was Nancy’s one big shower, and the guest list drew from all walks of her life — family, church family, childhood friends, high school friends, more recent friends, team members, and more. We sent invitations to around 60 ladies, and only received a handful of “no” RSVPs. To ease the strain on my house and on street parking, her sister Mary Lindsey and I opted to make the shower an open house, and encouraged guests to drop by between 10am and 1pm. This worked out very well! Guests trickled in for the first hour, mingled for the second, and we opened gifts in the third (we were playing the gift opening by ear, but it worked out great). Some guests stayed for the whole time, and some stayed for a shorter period.


You may recall our Christmas deer. Bucky did an excellent job greeting at the front door outfitted with a custom sign.


As guests arrived, we encouraged them to pin on a pink or blue clothespin based on whether they thought Baby Ray would be a girl or a boy. I proudly wore one of the few pink ones, and was delighted a few months later when my guess was confirmed!



Our only other “game” was a prediction sheet, which we encouraged everyone to fill out before they left.



For decor, I picked up a few bags of moss at World Market and used that to fill in terrariums and cake stands. Callie was my terrarium queen – her loaners made all the difference! I also purchased spring flowers in white, green, and lilac from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s the day before. (I was hoping they would have loose ferns or greenery at Whole Foods — I had seen both there before — but no such luck.) Lastly, I purchased a few potted ferns and repotted them in white pots. Tip: don’t buy them too far in advance, because ferns are notoriously hard to keep alive :)



The little animals are actually Christmas ornaments! I just folded their hanging loops under.



For the linen on the table, we used a few yards of Minted’s Branch Toss fabric. As a memento for Nancy, I had a pillow made from a piece of it for Baby Ray’s nursery post-shower!


Though I contributed a lot of the decor, thankfully, I had almost nothing to do with the food! Nancy’s mother-in-law and friends were amazing, and brought scones, sandwiches, donuts, parfait ingredients, veggies, muffins, and more. We did not want for delicious eats.


The tent cards are from Minted, too — here.



Another very special friend, Ashley of Ashley Cakes, helped us out big time with a beautiful dessert spread. Aren’t those deer cookies the cutest thing you’ve ever seen??? They were delicious, too!


The rest of the shower was simply spent loving on Nancy! Toward the end, her sister led everyone in a really heartfelt prayer, and others got the chance to join in and offer encouragement, too. I know that was a gift for this sweet mama-to-be — probably the best one she got that day!





Love you, Nancy!

Many thanks to the wonderful Elizabeth Tate of Nancy Ray Photography for all of these photos! It was such a joy not to think about taking pictures while getting everything ready!!

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July 9, 2015 9:51 am

What a sweet shower!

July 9, 2015 10:47 am

Adorable! You did a great job showering her and Baby Ray!

July 9, 2015 10:12 pm

Those cookies are adorable!

July 10, 2015 11:13 am

This is the sweetest shower, and I agree those cookies are probably the cutest I’ve ever seen!

July 12, 2015 10:21 am

I love every bit of this shower, from the meaningful, beautiful details to the love you can tell is overflowing! The deer cookies on the cake stands (I love my jadeite cake stand!) just might be my favorite detail – or maybe the clothespins painted by the future cousins! So, so special.

July 12, 2015 5:02 pm

This is such a lovely shower! The details are gorgeous!

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