Reader Mail: Sweater Dresses

13 November 2009

After Monday’s post, I received a reader mail request from Alyssa, who wrote:

I’ve recently become obsessed with sweater dresses and am determined to purchase one/wear one for Christmas (and beyond). I like the idea of long-sleeves, no turtleneck (to facilitate scarves), and a nicely-fitted shape (if that makes sense). I’m looking for guidance in terms of color (I get super pale in the winter and my hair gets significantly darker), style (casual is good), and price. I’m willing to spend up to $50 but would prefer to spend more like $30 (haha). Also, tights?

In terms of color, I think a navy, gray, or cream dress would be the best choice for Alyssa’s complexion — black might be too severe for a casual look, especially with her pale skin. Working (mostly!) within Alyssa’s budget of $50, here are a few of my finds:

Old Navy Striped Sweater Dress ($24.99, available in pink and black)

Forever 21 H81 Novelty Sweater Dress ($26.90, available in black, gray, and pink)

Old Navy Scoop-Neck Sweater Dress ($29.99, available in black and cream)

Old Navy Cowl-Neck Sweater Dress ($36.50, available in white, black, and plum)

American Apparel Knit Sweater Crew Neck Dress ($65, available in heather gray and black)

Banana Republic Wool-Blend Sweater Dress ($98)

I hope this helps, Miss Alyssa! A sweater dress is a very versatile outfit base, so I’m sure you’ll be happy with whatever you choose.

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November 13, 2009 2:56 pm

These are so great! Thank you so much–I can't wait to get home and get shopping!